expired Rivers - $28 mens dress shoes

Rivers - $28 mens dress shoesAffiliate

Leather Lined Men's Dress Shoes - $28

Date: Friday 27th February to Monday 2nd March 2009
Product codes: 2200MDRES, 2201MDRES, 2202MDRES, 2560MDRES, 2562MDRES and 2589MDRES only

Available at all clearance, retail and online stores
Your local store may have lots or none.

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    FYI … at the store I went to all shoes included in this special had a red triangle tag on them.
    Makes it nice and easy to find the shoes you want.
    I went to the Harbour Town store in Perth and there were plenty of shoes to pick from in all sizes.


    The Rivers Clearance store at Fairfield 2165 only had a handful left - probably one or two in most sizes out of the styles I looked for. Most of them have synthetic outers though I guess you can't ask for too much at this price.


    Thanks hellrazorone.
    Scored a decent pair in my size at Myer Centre Brisbane!!!
    Original sticker price was $79.95 and labelled as "Leather Lining".
    [ :- { )


    Awesome thanks dude. I picked some up on friday afternoon after work.

    Were labled as 79.95.

    They were very very comfortable and looked nice too.

    However, i did notice that the shoes are not high quality (as you may expect). A few of them had broken insoles (ie the insoles were falling apart). A few of them had massive crease marks in them. And the laces were quite poor quality too.

    But for $28 - they were a bargain i feel!

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