This was posted 15 years 3 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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UPDATE: Rainchecks available! 700ml Jim Beam Black Label $29.95 at 1st Choice Liquor


UPDATE: Just went back for some more, and they of course had none, so she asked me how many rainchecks I'd like so I stocked up on rainchecks at the $29.95 price. She said there was no set time limit to use them. But you have to GET a raincheck by close of trade Wed 4/3 when the sale ends.

For those of you keen on the occasional Jim Beam, I thought you might like to know that 1st Choice Liquor (Coles) is selling the Black Label Jim Beam for $29.95 at the moment, less than the regular price of a white label bottle.

These usually sell for around $40 or even more.

According to the staff they are currently trying to beat an advertised price offered by Dan Murphy's, so I'm not sure when it ends.

Copy of receipt

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    Copy of receipt if anyone is interested in this deal

  • Jim Bean White Label is currently $28.90 according to the specials on their website. More of a Jack man myself, but this is a good deal nonetheless! The specials also advertise the Black Label at $34.90 so even if they do stop matching the Dan Brown price it won't go up too much!

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    Seems a good $10 cheaper than Boozle's best price.

    • Hey good site, I'll be bookmarking that one :)

    • Awesome site neil.

  • well get dan murphys to match that. and then you get it even cheaper!

  • how does black label compare to white?

    • Much smoother, cleaner taste, less chance of a hangover if you over indulge (imho), and most importantly a higher alcohol content (24 standard drinks in a bottle Vs 20 in a White Label bottle).

  • It appears that WA still has to pay 34.90???

    • It might depend on if there is a Dan Murphy's within a reasonable distance, as this is a price match kinda thing. Did you actually check in store, because 1st Choice is advertising $34.90 even tho it is actually only $29.95 when you get there.

  • Dan Murphy's seem to be the cheapest even without specials.
    When other places have specials, they are sometimes even more expensive than Dan's regular price.

    A few nice specials from time to time at LiquorLand or Safeway/Woolworths (usually when their case price of wine is 20% off) but I see less and less hard alcohol bargains from Safeway/Woolworths nowdays.
    Bought a heap of spirits when they were 2 for $50 or $52 but it seems that Safeway/Woolies are slowly creeping up to $60 for 2 bottles.

    • yep, Dan Murphy's is cheaper now…..well for some of my drinks. I bought Kahlua 700ml for ~ $24 @ DM and Safeway is selling it for ~ $33…

      • Seems so silly that DM's and Safeway are both the same company, but the prices are so different.

  • It is amazing how advertising in Australia has made people think Jim Beam is a good drink. It is considered cheap burbom in the USA, Same as we think of Woodstock here.

    Jim Beam is the Black and Gold / Home Brand / no-name of Burbom.

    Try something nice for a change if your taste buds have not been damaged beyond repair. Makers Mark.

  • Whoa in case you expect to get DM to match 1st Choice, then 1st Choice to match the new DM price.

    DM and 1st Choice ONLY match ADVERTISED prices. They dont match or beat matched prices.

    Like Bunnings when they get a few price matches they then change the price in store so they dont have to give extra away - just like in this case.

  • Jim Beam is made in Chullora (Bankstown) Australia by McWilliams Wineries. I wouldn't touch White Label at all, the rest of the stuff should be all imported though. Good price!

    • Says "Produce of USA" on the Black Label bottle.

  • Forget all the wankery. If you like the taste then you drink it. If you don't drink something else. It's that simple. Giving this a + even though there are no 1st Choice stores anywhere near me (or Dan Murphy's for that matter). :(

  • 1st choice southport gold coast had no stock left, and the Dan Murphy's nearby didn't either! :(

  • To all above as modtang says, forget the wankery , since most people drink it with cola which hides most of the subtle flavours then really the price is the decider.

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and my father was having a party. We used to be the bartenders, (this was well before any liquor accords etc) he had cheap Aussie whiskey and good (reasonably) Scotch. We put the AW into a Scotch labelled bottle and were instructed - if its mixed with anything other than water use the AW. Nobody - even those who switched to mixed later could tell the difference.

    Guess that was my first rememberable Bargain lesson. And I even remembered the brand - Corio - and it wasn't some cheap bulk shipped bottled here product - it was proudly distilled here in Corio Vic.

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