Train ticket - Sydney to Melbourne

Hi all,

I've been looking to get a train from Sydney to Melbourne and it's about $125 first class if I book online.

Can anyone tell me how much it costs if I were to book at Sydney train station on the day I wish to travel - likely Monday/Tuesday next?

Are online prices cheaper than turn up and go prices?

Cheers, Dio



    I've travelled on the Sydney-Melbourne XPT a few times now, but I've always booked in advance. Countrylink have had many specials over the years including the 40% discount for booking 14 days in advance, but unfortunately that isn't running any more.

    Be aware that while the luggage office is open before the trains leave, the ticket office keeps to more typical office hours.

    I advise calling 132 232 to make a booking. There are no additional charges for phone versus internet booking and in my experience the internet system is still rather glitchy.


    Thanks Lacerta; I'm not sure yet what date I want to travel so want to get the best option for a ticket.

    Cheers, Dio


    Good luck and have a great trip. :)


    Cheers :)

    I've just heard the MardiGras is on in Sydney this weekend so I may leave going there till next week - will be a little less crowded at least.



    is there any particular reason you want to train it?
    if not i'd definitely catch a plane — its much cheaper, not to mention more comfortable (even if you plan on travelling first class), and the scenery between melb & syd isn't spectacular.

    just worth considering :) either way enjoy ur trip


    "is there any particular reason you want to train it?"

    I don't much like planes (despite being on a round the world trip… hmm: what does that mean?) and was interested in seeing the scenery between Sydney / Melbourne :) Now you are putting me off that…

    Just how uncomfortable are the trains? I am quite tall and most low fare planes in Europe give very little in the way of leg room so I also thought the train would be better.

    Cheers, Dio


    oh narr i didn't mean to put you off… i just thought it would be more practical to fly.

    i'm sure it won't be a horrible trip by any means - if you fork out the extra for first class at least you won't be crammed.

    either way it'll be an experience for you anyway - at the end of the day it's only about 9hrs

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    The legroom on XPTs (even economy class) is ample. You'll be quite comfortable.

    However, the ultimate comfort would be the overnight XPT sleepers :p Will set you back $$$ though — it seems however you want to look at scenery so that might not be practical.


      I have travelled Sydney-Melbourne on the XPT in economy, first class and sleeper, as well as by plane. The economy seats on the XPT are wider and have considerably more leg room than a Virgin Blue flight.

      Yes, the train journey takes longer, but I find it to be more relaxed and comfortable than travelling by air.


    Dio - if you like driving you might look at this for your return from Melbourne to Sydney


    Be aware that ALL NSW Train XPT travel (ie "Countrylink train travel") offers $10 fares to Pensioners twice a year.

    So you will be travelling with old age people and Single Mothers.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that IMHO. But some people might not like screaming kids.

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    hop on a country train, get off at redfern then buy a ticket to central



    i travelled sydney to melbourne twice back and forth by chance passenger(not peak season).if u buy your ticket from the train station on the day of your travel it costs the same as buying online,but if you buy your ticket coming back (from Melbourne) by chance passenger it would cost you $65 (economy).
    if u want it more adventurous why don't u take the greyhound bus it costs $60…it would be fun to travel with a group of friends.
    have a nice trip

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