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Uniden IGO Cam 300 Vehicle Accident Camera (Dash Cam) at Jb HiFi $68


Went into JB HiFi today looking for a Dashcam, the only one they had was on Sale.
The box says $89, but these are currently on sale for $58. $68 (price rise)

When I asked the store rep, why on sale?
He said, "Because they are a new item.."

They dont come with a SD card, so I bought a $22 16GB card at the same time.

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    Price/store name in title please.

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    I always wondered, I see people putting these pointing at their front windscreen.
    Shouldn't you point these at your rear windscreen, since in Australia pretty much if you rear end somebody, it is generally your fault.

    I can see where these would be useful in the front though overseas, where some countries its not as simple as who is right or wrong, and being right or wrong is portioned

    e.g. you can rear end somebody however they can be 30% in the wrong since they suddenly stopped because of a person running the red lights, where as since you shouldn't be driving so closely you are 70% wrong.

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      Thats exactly why you put it at the front. If someone rear ends you well its almost certainly there fault. If something happens at the front, i.e they run a red light you want to be able to prove they ran the red not you. Also if they can't do hill starts and roll backwards into you this is the only way to prove you didn't drive into them.

      This seems like a good price for a brand name cam but the review on jbhifi isn't too promising.

    • Totally different product brother.

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        Or sister.

  • Pretty cheap seeing as though they're on eBay starting at $140+

    • Thats probably the dual camera version

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      abit unfair as he is posting a bargain. He shouldnt have to provide product reviews

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      Where is it half price? I'll grab 2!

  • Free delivery in Australia too, cousins and uncles!
    "To ship anywhere in Australia per unit: $0.00"

    • free shipping did it for me. came out as $46 total too, so that's a bonus.

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    For those that are interested, it looks like someone has provided a 2:59 sample of their IGO 300's performance on the M5 heading towards Sydney

    Some user comments here:

  • bluedez, thanks for the comments link.
    Looks like I didnt buy a lemon. Most people seem happy.
    As one said, cheap insurance for $58 plus sd

  • what type of mount does it come with?

  • Bought one. I had a cheap Ebay one that costed around the same amount and it kept dropping off the windscreen and it didnt work half the time.

    Considering my excess on my car insurance is over $1500, a $58 investment isnt bad.

  • Thanks for this OP. I'm going to try one.
    If it doesn't work, I'll stump up the cash for a Blackvue model.

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    Note that these are not true HD.
    The picture quality is the same as the $20 cheapies on ebay with "interpolated" 720p. Really 480 lines max.
    You cannot read number plate of passing car, only one stopped in front.

    Officeworks has 'Navig8r HD crash cam 720p' for $65, but the sample on youtube does not look any better.
    If either of these really have a 720p sensor, the optics are so bad they need not have bothered.
    That said, it probably does the job.

  • Is the G-sensor included ?

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    It is actually $46.40. Just ordered.

    • On-line price is cheaper than in store - but push and they seem happy to agree to the price (especially given that it is a $zero delivery item. I paid $46 in store. Less ING 5% rebate, of course…

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    I have one that I got for free.
    - true it is hard to see most plates, only ones directly in front and close.
    - comes with a good windscreen suction mount. The mount is a bit large though relative to the cam's very tiny size
    - night time videos you can pretty much forget it.
    - yes, has an adjustable g shock sensor for write protecting file (haven't tested mine yet)

  • Ordered one for 46.40 as well.

  • I bought one of them last week from JB, bundled with a 16gb class 10 card for $29 (sticker is $35). Found out later that computer shops sell them slightly cheaper.

    In case of accident, you will probably go exchange details, so if you cant see the plates, its not really an issue. You just need to use it to prove that you are not at fault, instead of my word vs his/her word if no witness around.

    Before buying it, I did some research and found that some people mention that the camera will fall off from the holder, but mine is pretty secure. Would love to get a smaller one as I would love to mount it permanently on the windscreen. This is small, but still a bit too big with the mount and all. Mount is not flexible enough so I can hide it behind the rear mirror. Ended up sticking it to my wife's roadster, at the rear wind deflector pointing forward instead of the front windscreen. Overall, happy with it as its cheap.

  • Price matched this at Officeworks and then used ING. So got it for around 42$. Now to buy a microsd card.

  • Video footage of a Blackvue DR400GHDII, can be had for around the 200 mark on fleabay

    Notice the sharper image and the ability to actually read numberplates, i also have a nighttime vid in the channel.

    Keep in mind the vid is compressed because of youtubes compression.

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