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Oakley RadarLock Path Sunglasses $148.99 Delivered ($299.95rrp) @ Torpedo7


Very good glasses for sports like golf or cycling etc, coming with interchangeable lenses for light or dark conditions. Price is $149.99 + $9 delivery. Use coupon code above to get $10 off. RRP seems to be $299.95 according to Oakley Australia website:

Most places sell these for over $200.
$299.95 at Drummond Golf(
$160 on Amazon( but they cant be delivered here

Description copied from Torpedo7:
For the most demanding athletes in the world, Oakley has crammed 30 years of technology into making these – the RadarLock Path Sunglasses. If you aspire to be the best at what you do then arm yourself with the best sunglasses available.

Light weight, and very durable; these frames feature Oakley SwitchLock Technology, guaranteeing fast, no fuss lens changes. Unobtanium ear-socks grip your head without squeezing, and maintain their hold no matter how hard you are pushing. These glasses are also supplied with a spare Unobtanium nose-piece to customise the fit.

These glasses are supplied with a spare lens (one for bright, and one for dark conditions), so read below to see which frames come with what lenses.

Made in USA
Weight: 32 grams
Temple width: 130mm

Supplied with:

Oakley Vault Soft case
Spare lens
Replacement nose rubber
Soft bag/cleaning cloth
Instructions on how to change lenses

Polished Black Frame
Black Iridium lens
VR28 lens

Silver frame
Ice Iridium Vented lens
VR28 Vented lens

Matt Heather Grey frame
G30 Iridium Vented lens
Grey Vented lens

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  • Unobtanium
    In engineering, fiction, and thought experiments, unobtainium is any fictional, extremely rare, costly, or impossible material, or (less commonly) device needed to fulfill a given design for a given application. The properties of any particular unobtainium depend on the intended use. For example, a pulley made of unobtainium might be massless and frictionless; however, if used in a nuclear rocket, unobtainium would be light, strong at high temperatures, and resistant to radiation damage. The concept of unobtainium is often applied flippantly or humorously.

    i'm surprised they use it in their marketing materials :D

  • Many thanks Johnno1987,just ordered the Heather Matt Grey.
    Must have been the last pair as there is only polished black left.

    • People must be buying them as they had all 3 colours left when I posted

      • Yes,they had 3 colours when I was deciding which ones to get.A minute later the silvers were gone,then after I ordered the Matt Grey I went back in to get the missus a pair,but they only had polished black left.

  • I never understood how they can charge so much for some plastic. Especially since Oakley, Ray Ban etc are all made by the same company Luxottica. People are literally paying a few hundred more for the logo on the product. Kind of reminds me of Apple, and Bose.

    • Not sure why people negged this. Even tho I have a pair of Oakleys myself, he's right (about the sunnies anyway)!
      I was told by a mates Dad that had an OPSM store that they actually spend 4 times as much on the advertising as they do on the manufacturing per unit!
      Ps. Got mine from the States, where they're usually at least half the price of here!

  • Kogan sunglasses are only $29/$39 delivered, and have 480p resolution… :-P

  • Damn nice price. Too late over the matt black though :(

  • Thanks but, I'm saving up for Google Glass.