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Nintendo Wii U Premium $348 (Save $120). Wii U Basic $278 (Save $100) @ BigW (Online Only)


Cheapest Price on a local Nintendo Wii U at big W.

online only and shipping is about $4 (very resonable).

Wii U Console Black Premium Pack includes: Black Wii U console with 32GB internal storage Black Wii U GamePad Wii U Nintendo Land Console & GamePad Stand GamePad Charging Cradle Sensor Bar HDMI cable and AC adapters for console and GamePad Nintendo Network Premium reward programme - 10% discount on Nintendo eShop prices.

Wii U Console White Basic Pack includes: White Wii U console with 8GB internal storage White Wii U GamePad HDMI cable and AC adapters.

Save another $15 by using coupon code 15off200(Note that this is only till the 12th june midnight.)

Harvey Norman-$428/$348

JB HI-FI-$428(bonus Starter pack)/$348

EB Games-$428/$348

The good guys-$429

Dick Smith-$428/$348


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  • "Everyones a winner, baby, that's no lie
    You never fail, to satisfy, satisfyyyyyyyy"

  • I wonder if this is a one-off sale, or if it's an early E3 price drop…

    Either way, great price!

    • There's been an unofficial recall of the basic models in the US. Nintendo called it a recalibration of their stock or something like that, but basically it is as you thought - preparation for a price drop. I expect (well, hope) to see the hopeless Basic model scrapped and just one SKU to continue in it's place - and price.

  • I still have a bnib Mario kart wii bundle from a dse sale last year and haven't even entertained the idea of a wii u.

  • This thing is selling even worse than the Vita week in and week out. I am interested in it but will wait for more games and better cheap bundles before investing in another Nintendo. (Burned by 3DS launch)

    • The 3DS when launch was the same price as what this Nintendo Wii U premium cost.
      I got the 3DS for $278 just couple months it came out.

  • still need to wait for more games on it to decide whether it's good or a flop. the only noteworthy game in its library so far is only monster hunter… the rest of the games ain't impressive at all

    • only thing worth playing on it is nintendo made games..

      most of the third party will be crap or they won't support the console
      since some developers saids it is not powerful enough for their game

  • +5 votes

    Many of us OzBargainers preordered Wii U Premium from BigW with coupons for $358 delivered, with a free silicon glove. For the sake of $10 and the time that has passed, we're awesome.

    • :) Pity the games didnt come out as we had of hoped for…. Lego undercover is about the best one I have, Zombie isnt bad either but its not making me use the Wii TBH.

    • It took me a while to figure out what 'silicon glove' was referring to

  • I wouldn't rush out and buy this before E3, I suspect a price drop is coming for the Wii U @ E3.

    Could be a good deal, although I'd hate for people to rush out and buy this and realize that it wasn't that cheap, after the prices for Wii U drops.

  • Impending price drop at E3 no doubt. They may well just be matching the price it's about to be anyhow soon. An /actual/ deal for this in a few weeks may be cheaper again.

    • Wait I didn't think Nintendo were at this E3 for some reason.. or not doing announcement. This console may be hurting but I don't think they will drop the price until they have something to draw people in like a Mario or Zelda - otherwise you'll get the comments above (why buy no good games) and it'll just look worse as it sits on the shelf.

      • Nintendo is definitely at E3.

        Wednesday, June 11/June 12
        10.00pm AWST (Perth)
        11.30pm ACST (Adelaide)
        12.00am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)

        Kotaku.com.au will be liveblogging it.

  • wii u in a lost identity stage… on the one hand it tries to appease hardcore gamers by having up to date hardware to run the current AAA titles, on the other, xbox 360 and ps 3 are both steadily getting price slashes in games and console, rendering an easier choice for the budget conscious

    not to mention without wide adoption of this console, developers would play it safe and put their cards on MS and Sony

  • Mighty tempting… definitely take all my wiillpower to hold out on this one.

  • As nintendo boy that still plays his snes every week, I'm in no rush to buy this, just wait it out and prices will drop like they did with the wii

    • The Wii was wildly popular and didn't drop in price for years! The Wii U on the other hand, a completely different story.

      At this price i'm tempted but still need to see a few more games first! I say this as a Nintendo fan as well, having bought the Wii, 3DS and DS on launch day. Looking forward to seeing what Nintendo has in store for E3.

      • I'm in no rush, will wait it out for now, plus I won't bite till they get a few more titles out and the prices for games go down.

        The thing with new games is that if you buy 3 of them then its equal to or more than the cost of the console

  • Very cheap even compared to the Amazon (it, de, uk) prices - before our dollar crashed! I always wanted one of these, so I bought one (Premium edition). $337 delivered.

  • Hmmmm theres no real good games out yet on wii u - http://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/score/metascore/all/w...

    • Only four of those are exclusive to the system. You can pick the rest up on the other big two consoles much cheaper and chances are if you're into those kind of games you probably already have played them on the other consoles.

  • I honestly have no idea why they couldn't concentrate on their famous 1st party games instead of worrying about other things (nothing?). Metroid, Kirby, Zelda, Star Fox, etc. where are they?

  • Sounds like a great deal but there don't seem to be any games which scream must have to me.

  • Combine with http://www.bigw.com.au/offer/spendsave using 15off200 and get another $15 off.

  • Good system if you only like 1st party games… 3rd party devs are already abandoning the system…

  • Very expensive door stop.

  • Can't justify the price when you can get a PS3 at those prices and it's a more versatile console

  • The consoles are running out of context, Xbox 1 and ps4 will most likely follow the same path, it's ashame to see the world of gaming consoles waste itself away, iPads and pc are now the dominate species, not to mention iphone/samsung basically phones.

    • in what sense? the console and pc is converging closer than ever, with not one but two next gens following a very similar structure as the PC with AMD's Jaguar + graphics core next.

      these are the type of technologies coming into the PC world later in the year. It is the most exciting time if you're a game developer wanting a solution to port games easily between the 3 platforms and maintaining the same optimization (framerates, texture quality, memory usage etc)

      I hope to see AMD's masterplan coming into fruition

      • Pc will always be more powerful and better looking

        But consoles will get the most games and get them first

        • it's not always about who is more powerful and better looking,

          it's about maximum optimisation between platforms so the end user a.k.a YOU,

          will benefit the most from these technological advancements in the best economical way for both parties (the developers and gamers)

          and about game releases, it can achieve simultaneous releases if porting between AMD platforms is done easily, for exclusives would still be the same, whenever the publisher is the device manufacturer.

  • What sort of price drop are we looking at post E3?

    • It's hard to say, Ninty have a conference today I think so if there is no drop you can still buy this.

      • Cheers man.

        If im going to get only 10-20 bucks off, might grab it now.

        So with premium, are you basically paying an extra 70 for a couple of non required accessories, hard drive space and Nintendoland?

        Might just get the basic.

        • The basic pack does not have a sensor bar, which you may need to use the wiimotes. You can use the sensor from a Wii though.

        • +1 vote

          No sensor bar = no original wii games.

        • Thanks guys.

          So accessories = not required/can get cheap versions off ebay
          Sensor bar = same as above/have a wii but can still get another one off ebay

          If you know where to find stuff, can't see the point of getting the premium pack.

  • 32gb is still pretty small storage

    Probably be a newer revision with more storage…

    Anyone know if this console can be jailbreak etc..

  • Just thought I should be the voice of reason here, it's coming up to the season of Toy Sale amongst the big retailers (kids' holidays coming up). Expect this to drop even further in price when Toy Sale starts again (mid-late June).

  • meh. considering ps4 launch price will be $399, better wait a little while longer for wii u prices to drop.

    • $550 in aus

    • ps4 will be $550 in Australia

      Xbox One will be $600 in Australia

      Pretty sure we'll see a price drop on the Wii U, the real question is: by how much?

      I wouldn't buy this till you hear from Nintendo @ E3

  • Too much logic here!



  • No price drop mentioned in Direct presentation. Some great games shown for WiiU like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Donkey kong Countery Tropical Freeze, Xenoblade, Bayonetta 2 etc. Unfortunately pretty much all of them are coming early 2014. I'll be waiting a while to buy a WiiU. Perhaps Xmas will see some good bundles.

    • Oh I forgot Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) which looks amazeballs.

      And also the Xenoblade game I mentioned isn't a Xenoblade game, it's called X and it's from Xenoblade's devs. I was damn tired, lol.

  • That's one amazing showing at E3, unfortunately there was nothing about Kirby, Metroid or Megaman for the matter. One amazing looking RPG in the making, if only they have a couple of those I might probably pass on the PS4 for a short while.

    • Me too, the main problem for me is what's the sense in passing on a PS4 in favor of a WiiU only to have to wait until 2014 for the good stuff. The only game I recall coming out this year was LoZ Wind Waker HD which I had on the Game Cube and that was for October.

      • I don't know who negged your completely sensible post so I +1 back. I was hoping at least Mario Kart 8 can make it this year but seems there's nothing particularly interesting to me prior to Xmas after all. :(

  • Wii U Future Launch Date.

    June. New Super Luigi U [DLC] , Game & Wario
    July - Pikmin 3
    August - Disney Infinity, Splinter Cell Blacklist , Wonderful 101
    September - Rayman Legends
    October - Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin Creed IV: Black Flag , The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
    November - Watch Dog , Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii Party U
    December - Super Mario 3D World , Wii Fit U ,

    2013 No Date - Sonic Lost World (Q4) , Earthbound (VC)

    Super Smash Bros. WiiU , Monolith 'X' , Bayonetta 2 , Mario Kart 8, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

    I say it pretty solid for Nintendo Wii U going past June especially with eShop filler such as indies game and virtual console, Various games having cross-platform play with your 3DS ( You can play 3DS games on your Wii U)

    • Gets good from November/December. I'll wait for a good Xmas bundle myself, hopefully Mario 3D World or DK bundle.

      • Yeh probably the best time to get a Wii U. By then the Wii U library is at least decent enough for the mass consumer. Though you be missing out the 30 cent VC games promotion currently available.

        • I had a pile of VC games on my launch 3DS. They held my interest for oh, about 30 seconds each, lol. I'd love to see SNES VC personally.

  • For anyone that's interest - this offer ends 10 July, as shown on order "Promotional price! Ends July 10.-$50.00"

    They also have a clearance price of $44 on the Wii U Pro Controller, and if purchased with the Wii U total postage is still only $5

    • pity I didn't notice the pro controller when I ordered it but I've already received my wii-u, oh guess I will order some blu-rays I'm after while they got 20% off and pro controller, so thanks for the info