In-Ear / On-Ear headphones for working out at the Gym

Long story short, I feel like I've lost a significant amount of energy when going to the gym.
I need to change some things up. I want to start listening to my own music at the gym, and not the loudspeaker music.

I currently have Sennheiser CX300 in-ear headphones, which are broken.
The Apple standard earphones are awful.

Does anyone have any experience with these types of headphones for working out at the gym?
Should I look at on-ear or in-ear headphones? Any product recommendations?



  • You should be looking for sports specific earphones, and not just use regular ones. Because not only will you be rough with them, the sweat will accelerate any damage, sport earphones usually are washable and are tougher.

    As such, get this, rated the best audio quality for a sports earphone:

    A lot of people complain about needing to wrap them around your ear, but it's like that for a reason unless you like the sound of thumping from cable vibrations.


    You can get a dedicated sports MP3 player:

    Useful because it's washable and cable-less.

    • i bought the sports mp3 player about 6 months ago

      what makes it great is the quick charge time and water resistant.

      I own the other sony headphones in this post and they are good but annoying, i also have used the sennheiser sports headphones.

      Nothing better than not having cables flapping around, although depends whats your exercise routine or activity

  • I use Yurbuds. I find these great and don't fall out. Possibly not for everyone though.

  • Thanks for your suggestions!

  • I am using these koss ones, sit on ear so they're not getting soaked in sweat, so far so good…

    • I bought these too - excellent sound and comfortable but I don't like them for fitness
      they don't fit as snug as I would like and being over the ear they don't drown out background noise as well in the gym
      YMMV of course

  • I purchased the sony MDR-W08L for $25 delivered on ebay.
    Found the iphone headphones always falling out.

  • I am a subscriber to mens health mag
    In the current edition you can subscribe for 12 months - price is $79.95 I think
    Subscribers get a "free' pair of Sennheiser earbuds - fitness model in ear buds with brace over the ear
    My old pair of Sonys have done about 3 years so I intend to renew and grab them
    I am having trouble finding the link at the moment so will come back tomorrow with the subscribe link
    $80 is dear for the buds but cheap if you were buying the mag anyway - so bargain-ish