Melbourne Airport Parking Voucher / Deal

Hey Guys

Looking to park the car at Melbourne airport for three days from Thursday and was wondering if there anyone knows cheap parking (at airport) or a voucher or something

I know there is a deal on where if you park on Friday you can for $85 but i a leaving Thursday

Anyone know and promo codes or tips?



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    Busy Beaver is the best value imo these days

  • I used a scoopon voucher for a great deal at Commercial drive parking. check either a scoopon kind of site or Commercial drive parkings website.

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    Very happy with Ace - tried lots of others, they are the best. All undercover, park yourself (take ur keys with you), great service & cheap (discount via RACV too)

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    thanks alot guys

    I will go with ace as i am racv

  • Hi guys, I'm also looking for this. I've used ACE before but they are bit expensive as compared to other. Unfortunately, I need to park for 6 weeks hence looking for a coupon. If any one has any tips, please throw this way.