Europe Shopping

Hi Guys,

Going to Poland, Germany and Prague in August.
What's good to shop over there?



  • Bump :)

  • Beer? :)

    • yes I will have lots of it but consumed over there.

      • So spend all your money on having a good time and plot your next trip after you get back. Or do you have to buy gifts for relis? :(

  • I will have a great time hopefully.
    But wanted to know is there something good that I can get over there to bring back for home.
    Nothing for relis …

    • Well food is out unfortunately, unless it's stuff like chocolates, which will just add to your delay clearing AQIS because you have to declare them. Maybe some speciality liquors that are hard to get here if you like that sort of thing.

      Souvenirs and trinkets are the obvious thing, but I hate those so I can't suggest anything.

      Electronic gear can be had all the world over thanks to the Internet (and OzBargain) and will probably cost more there due to duties.

      However if you are say learning German, it's a good chance to get dictionaries and other books there as book importers here charge arms and legs for foreign language books.

      • You can bring back Cheese… I did :)

  • As others have said, there isn't really much anything that's worth buying there and bringing back here. Electronics tend to be more expensive, I'd think and a BMW doesn't really fit in carry-on luggage. So, I'd be spending my money there on food, drink, going out, doing excursions out of towns etc.

  • Many thanks for the replies guys… Maybe I will find something good from Amazon in Germany :)

    • Yep - having stuff shipped from Amazon -> your hotel is awesome, saved a bucket load doing this myself :)

  • Wusthof knife sets very cheap on amazon de.

  • I've just moved from the Netherlands to Australia. I've noticed that Australia is more expensive in every area, so if you need stuff like clothes or electronics you're better off buying it in Europe.

    Also note you can get all paid taxes back at the airport when you leave.

  • My Top 3:

    (1) Jewelry and watches.
    (2) Household appliances (especially in Germany)
    (3) Video games (these can be anywhere up to 80% less than the Australian RRP)

    Then you have your general stuff, like clothing or luggage sets, etc.

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