Officeworks price question

Hi ozbargainers,

I was wondering if officeworks had any sort of price satisfaction policy? as in if u find the same product within 7-14 days at a better price they would refund the difference.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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  • No.

  • Thanks for answering my question. Unfortunately it's the answer I thought it would be.

    So would returning the item and buying it again at the better price (price matched) be possible?

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      You can do that; but where does it end? My point is you'll be awaiting forever as the prices are always going down. Unless you purchased something that has significant went down in price I'd do the method you suggested.

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      are you talking $2-3 or a difference on around $100?

  • I do see ur point Moots. I've already set up the device and personalised the settings to suit me and even if I did return it, I would then have the trouble of getting it price matched again.
    The difference is about $40-50.

    • If you apply for the 28 degrees mastercard, they have a buyer's protection where they refund the difference back to you, if a product you purchase drops in price within six months. I think there is a minimum it has to drop though; you couldn't do it for just a few dollars. This buyer's protection is 1% or something of your total monthly bill, but if you pay off your credit card before they print your bill, then the charge is $0.

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