I think I just got one of the best Galaxy S 4 prices in Australia by a price beat!

Just price beat http://www.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au/galaxy-s4-free-anymo... at officeworks and got it for $559.55. Plus i paid with ING paywave in $99.99 lots. And i will be going overseas in 3 weeks to claim another $50 or so gst. Essentially im paying around $485 once all cash backs have been given.

Receipt: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=a4se43&s=5

To be honest, i think i got lucky, because im not even sure they are full australian stock at eglobal. Try something with my receipt though


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    To be honest, i think i got lucky

    Obviously as the one eglobal is selling is a grey import.


    wow you're lucky! Might give it a shot as well


    Wow,good post lucky man.


    Why would eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au have the i9505 (4G) $11 cheaper than the i9500 (3G)?


    Anyone had any luck getting close to this price yet?
    I finally worked it all out.. i will be paying $480.70 after i claim my gst back when i go overseas. BARGAIN!


    No luck, several officeworks said they received a memo about this


    I nearly had it approved by Blacktown OW, don't talk to the guys at the tech area, take it to the counter and pricematch there. The eglobal site wouldn't show the black option when i was buying and I didn't want white either, short of the color, the guy at the counter cleared the warranty and the price match.

    Then a manager walked over and ruined everything. Ended up price matching $720

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