Philip Island weekend away. Any tips of saving money, discounts, accom, etc?

Hi everyone.

I live with the fiancé, and her parents, we rarely get away, and when we do it's not far due to their health.

Anyways, I want to organize a night away in Philip island, I only live 2hr away, and will drive there.

Looking for a deal on the following
Chocolate factory
Amaze n things
Accomodation with breakfast
Any other things you reccomend to do there.

Thanks everyone :)



    I went couple of months back and stayed at Ramda Resort which was pretty good. It was $250 for night for 2 BHK cottage..

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    Altough there are not too many acc at Phillip Island but check it out below link for a price comparision to crack your best deal. Happy Travelling :) (it is a google short url for the website, so feel free to click on it)


    The YHA has good value family cabins. Went for a weekend a few years ago not realising the V8's were on. Place was full of Holden and Ford fans. Good atmosphere. Great value with free breakfast. Pretty sure it trades independantly as well as YHA.