expired 5 Day Guitar Solo Method [Kindle] FREE (Save $5.99) Updated


The 5 Day Guitar Solo Method by Damien Peters, 2nd book of top rated 5 Day Guitar Method bookwhich was posted on OZB when it was FREE here & Piano Practicing Secrets by Michael Pasikov FREE today. Download those today if you need. Please check the price is zero before ordering…

1.The 5 Day Guitar Solo Method by Damien Peters $5.99-Everything You Need to Play Guitar Solos like a Pro,

Note: Piano learning paid eBooks are rarely made free on Amazon and found one is FREE today.

2.Piano Practicing Secrets $2.99 by Michael Pasikov


3.The Chromatic Scale (Guitar Theory Made Easy) $ .99

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    Looks like Piano Practicing Secrets is no longer free already!

    Perhaps they didn't want the secret to get out.


    Those interested in the piano one which is now no longer free, I would suggest getting a copy of The Fundamentals of Piano Practice by Chuan C Chang. It's a completely free book that looks at piano practice from a scientific perspective. Looks along the same lines as this one.



    Top one: grabbed it.
    Second one: not free :(
    Third one: already had.


    Thanks! Grabbed both.