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HDMI Cable 1m $1.95 with $1 Shipping Australia Wide


While stocks last.

Other lengths for a bit more (2m $2.95).

Cheap vs expensive cables are probably no different:

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  • Specify length in title.

    • Done.
      2m is $2.95.

  • Yeah. The $1.95 ones are 1m length…sorta as expected I guess

  • +5

    Cheap vs expensive cables are probably no different.

    Are you sure? My knowledgable Harvey Norman salesman said this is a myth, and he gave me a good deal on a 3m Monster cable, $200 down from $250 :)

    • Likewise when I bought my new LCD TV….

    • You do realise he is just that, a salesman?
      Expensive HDMI cables are just gimmicks. All HDMIs transfer data of 0's and 1's.
      Compare your monster cable with one you might by here for $2 and let us know if there's a difference apart from the monster looking all gold and pretty :)

      I agree with Plankton below, better off having 100 cheap ones vs a monster cable for $200

    • What a bargain. You would never save the same amount on a $1.95 cable.

    • -1

      Actually it is not a myth, your salesman was just doing his job which is to convince you to buy marked up products.

      Please read this explanation before voting down this or other peoples comments, it will tell you exactly why there is no difference (in short length cables at least).

      • Please read this explanation before voting down this or other peoples comments

        I didn't vote down anyone's comment, pal.

        But you can have a neg for making silly accusations.

  • Some cables are better than others, but none are worth monster prices.
    My monitor used to go blank for a second every time the washing machine started or garage door opened; changed hdmi cable and problem never returned.

    Some are better shielded/grounded, makes a huge difference. That said, it seems to be 'pot luck' which are good.

    • You'd still be better off to buy ten cheap ones to find a good one than go for an expensive one.

    • I agree with this. Shielding and the connector quality varies. I'm wiring building a house / wiring a HT at the moment, I used UGLY branded cable (braided shield) for my projector, can't see it ever giving up. True re. Monster cable. Harvey Norman etc, make more margin off that rubbish than the panel they sell you.

      • You should also investigate using CAT6 with HDMI adaptors.

        We did that for our HT and it was much easier for getting in and around walls/roof/floor.

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    How come the 1M are showing as $2.99? Even after I add it to cart…
    Anyhow, just bought one off ebay for $1.85 free shipping (1M)

    • Unless there's a discount code we have not been provided, this deal is not yet live.

    • +1

      Fixed the link to show the deal more easily (you had to sort by lowest price).

  • Some other good HDMI stuff on sale there as well

  • I have these in 2m, 5m and 10m versions (purchased from deals in the past) and using with a particularly sensitive projector (very sensitive with HDMI) and they work just fine for me. That is no guarantee that they will work perfectly for you, but I would be surprised if they don't.

  • What's the difference between these 2M HDMI cables:



    Other than $3 of course…

  • Is it $1 shipping per order or per item?

    • It's per item, but you get combined shipping discount when you buy multiple unit.

    • If I order multiple of same, looks like $; add a separate sale item, it then adds 50c to postage.

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