Cheapest place to get powerade/gatorade drinks in bulk (im buying 24 bottles)

Anyone know where the cheapest place to get powerade/gatorade drinks in bulk would be?

Coles/Woolies maybe?



    Keep an eye out for the special at Coles/Woolies, I picked up individual Powerade for $1.76 each at Coles. I bought six. I don't think it's even advertised, it may just be a store special.


    I use the powdered gatorade/powerade. It worked out much cheaper. $8-$10 /jar and you'll get 18 servings I think.. worked out to be ~ 50c / bottle (750ml)


    Just make your own:

    there are tonnes of recipes on the net to get DIY / homemade "Gatorade". Basically water with a bit of lemon for taste, sugar for carbs and salt to make it isotonic.

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    ALDI has:
    MAXADE ® Sports Drink - Lemon Lime, Arctic Rush or Berry Blast
    600ml = $1.59
    ($2.65 per litre)
    They all taste great


    This looks like a pretty good deal… I also
    Find it hard to find Gatorade around below the $3-$3.50 mark addicted to it !
    My mate told me about stardeals/ Groupon
    $39 delivered for 24 case


    Yes if you make your own, use SEA SALT, you can get it cheap at coles for $1.50 for 500g. Sea Salt is 88% sodium chloride 12% other mineral salts, it much more natural than pure refined table salt that causes mineral deficiency. Also I would not use tap water, I use fresh rainwater for drinking purposes as tap water contains fluoride and drinking alot of it will cause fluoride to build up in your system.