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Gaming Dragons Big Summer Sale


Huge Summer Sale at . Lasts from July 8 to July 22nd. Tons of PC games going at great prices. Skyrim + All DLC $36, Borderlands bundle (1 + DLC & 2) $16, GTA IV $10, complete Bioshock collection $35 (1,2 & Infinite) and they are adding more everyday.

You can even vote for what games you want on sale.

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    Man this site seems brilliant. I'm not sure if I've been living under a rock as I've never heard of it before.

    Is it a legit site (authorised steam resellers) like gamersgate, greenmangaming etc, or your average unofficial standard cd/steam-key site?


      The unofficial one.


      It's a grey market operation. Valve doesn't have to honor any keys bought from them because while the operation isn't breaking any laws, it is breaking various EULA's and TOS's. Even if a key registers fine today, you may find the game gone two weeks from now. Use at your own risk.

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        Damn, glad i held off on purchases. Every dealing I've had with CD key sites has gone bad so I've just sworn off them all together.

        With greenmangaming you rarely need them anyway :p


    I've bought from them a few times, they are legit to the best of my knowledge.
    Even when the sales aren't on, it's the best place to get Xbox Live points….. although that will be a thing of the past soon.


    Might stock up on lots of points because they convert them over to your nations currency at their value, so buy them at US price, get them converted at AUS prices :)


    Not bad, but the format does look familiar :)


    Seems like and probably is one of those unauthorised key sellers unfortunately.

    Good deal if you can get your hands of some of those games though, but I'd check other sites if they're cheaper.

    I personally would wait for the Summer Sale.


    skyrim is cheaper elsewhere
    here for the physical media, and have seen it around the same price for a cd key site as well.

    few bux cheaper, man when is this gonna be under 20 bux! common steam summer sale!

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