P&S Electronics - Anyone heard or dealt with them?

Hi Guys

Wandering if anyone has dealt with this mob

Here is there Website - http://www.pselectronic.com.au/

They appear to have 3 stores and a warehouse.


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  • This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.

    This appears at the bottom of the page.

    Lol at their FAQ http://www.pselectronic.com.au/faqs/

  • They appear to also be advertising on Gumtree and Ebay.

    Their Ebay store has around 7000 reviews with an average of 99.6% positive.

    Still Not Sure?

    • I bought a microwave from their Auburn store, I had problems with it and returned it during warranty. These guys run a scam and claim its insect damage and therefore the warranty is void.
      I ended up fixing the microwave myself but I wouldnt touch these guys with a barge pole.

  • I happen to know the content on their website used to be bulk copied and pasted from other companies' websites, including the images, with stuff like "buy now from Bing Lee" still in there. That … does not fill me with confidence.

  • I bought a Samsung LED and a microwave from them which both had major problems within 3 weeks and were sent for repair. The microwave now seems fine but the TV has the exact same problems a few months later and is completely useless. They have refused to refund me and have absolutely no regard for consumer law. I will be seeing them in court later today.

    For anyone else having issues with these cowboys, search for the Australian Consumer Guarantee and have a good read so that you understand your rights.CLEARY state the remedy that you want by email (so you have proof) do not let them pass you off to the Sales club which is their supplier/warranty company as this is illegal and ignore anything about warranty as it has nothing to do with the consumer guarantee.

    They will likely give you a hard time about it so the next step is to report it to the ACCC (the more complaints the better), and Fair Trading in your state (NSW Fair Trading in my case). Fair Trading will contact them to try to resolve the issue and if that does not work, go to a small claims court/tribunal.

    I will loose hundreds of dollars by not being at work today so that I can attend court but I am standing up to them on principal, and I hope it can prevent others from being ripped off.

    • update: I won in court and P and S electronics were given a court order to refund me the full amount.

      I strongly advise anyone else having issues with this company to fight it all the way

    • Thanks. This post just saved me spending $1650 on lies.

  • Merged from Has Anyone Bought from http://www.pselectronic.com.au/ ?

    I am wanting to purchase a microwave and they have it here at a great price, but just wondering if they are legit.

    Any one bought from them or know anything?

    Thanks Alayne