Lasoo Now Allows 2-Click Share with OzBargain

Hot off the press.

Lasoo, the online shopping and catalogue aggregation website has partnered with OzBargain to link up and share deals. As of today, the Lasoo website will include a "Share with OzBargain" button, giving users the ability to share the deals they find on Lasoo with OzBargain’s online community of shoppers.

So if you wish to share an offer on Lasoo, go straight to the offer page (click on the item in catalogue, and then "More Details"). Once you are in the offer page, you can click on the "Share" link, and then the OzBargain logo. A new window will pops up with OzBargain deal submission form + a few fields already filled.

I will be deploying a new fix tomorrow that will

  • Try to figure out the Store Domain automatically from the incoming Lasoo offer URL.
  • Redirect if the same offer has already been submitted before.

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  • Nice.

    Theres also which is an app-only way to share deals, any linkage with that?

    • The Lasoo app should be updated soon with the Share to OzBargain. Not sure what's going on with the app. It would be useful to have the 2 combined

  • Very Nice,
    pretty Soon Ozbargain will need to have an API of its own so other sites / apps can run off it.

    Good on you Scotty

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