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NESTLE Chocolate Blocks - Ritchies IGA selling this week for $1.49 (Yes, you read right!)


Though all the major's have sold this recently and continue at $1.99, my local Ritchies IGA although not seen in their catalogue has all blocks ticketed and on special for this crazy price of $1.49!

I presume it is a national special, though if not it must at least be a Victorian price.

Let us know if you have this as well… possible chance for the other chains to price match from their price of $1.99?

We seem to be a bunch of sweet tooths, so i thought someone would have posted by now. Cheers :-)

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  • Which store did you go to/did you clear the shelf? haha

  • I was at the Emerald store and i did leave a few Club blocks which i felt was generous hehe

  • Anyone check the expiry date?

  • All good… there was bucketloads of new stock as i saw the piles of boxes they were filling it from, no dodgy markdowns

  • LOL…..you people are choc addicts. Eat some fruit instead.

  • Just called up my local store in brisbane and said they do not have this sale

  • I wonder if they have it in Melbourne

  • still at $4.00 at IGA Wantirna and Boronia. Safeway still had $1.99 at Boronia all varieties.


    Ok guys is there any chance of this being available in WA?

  • i hate sugar

  • Just checked at IGA in Montrose (vic), they have them for $3.99, same price as the Cadbury big blocks :(

  • It's a good deal in theory, but not available at Carlton.

    In fact only two people managed to find this deal on OzBargain.

  • I have checked with my local store and asked the question… apparently they post hot specials like this at selected stores to boost sales and it is not an advertised special, more just an instore special you will see when shopping at a designated number of stores selected by IGA. So no doubt in future shops some of you will find things i dont see at my local. I did presume it was everywhere as most special are blanketed in this manner. Keep up the great work guys.