Dick Smith Is Teaming Up With David Jones For New Stores-Within-Stores

Dick Smith today announced that it would team up with David Jones to open a new network of stores within stores. You’ll soon see Dick Smith-branding pop-up in 30 DJ’s stores around the country. From 1 October, you’ll see “David Jones Electronics Powered by Dick Smith” banners in-store. Catchy. It’s better than calling it Dick Jones, I guess.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


  • yeah read it on Gizmodo , interesting thanks

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    What if there is another store within the store within the store? We must go deeper.

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      Sounds interesting…

      lets see Ozdick, Dickoz,Odick,Smithydick,Dhead,DickBargain…DaveyJones locker ?

    • To be honest I'm interested to see if some of the older bose stock gets sold at clearance as I doubt Bose will want to sell their stuff in a Dick Smith store.

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  • David Jones wants the D inside

  • Have you guys been to DJ lately? With DSE moving in in next month, there have been a lot of crazy deals going on at DJ.

    Deals I spotted

    Half price ex demo iPad 2 and iPad 3.

    30-40% off mac mini

    Half price ex demo Mac book Pro and Mac
    book Air.

    Half price Sony and Samsung laptops.

    Half price Samsung tablets.

    • Gosh. Half price demo models on Mac stuff would be great.

  • I really don't get why they do this. Are we buying from DS or DJ? And why would I go into DJ to shop at DS? Why would I even care that I am shopping at DS within DJ?? I thought the whole point of branding was buyer confidence and a clear identity…I don't see how combining these two brands adds any benefits or appeal to the customer.

    I have always thought it weird that they have an in-store Pumpkin Patch…usually with a Pumpkin Patch store right outside DJ's with cheaper prices. Seriously, who walks past Pumpkin Patch to go into DJs to buy the exact same crap for more money???

    • Because people trust DS for electronics and not necessarily DJ. If DS runs the electronics inside DJs then people will assume it is "better". Don't ask me why but honestly I think this is a good thing. DJs have never really been up there in terms of electronics.

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      Have you seen the cosmetic stands in the big department stores? They have been doing it for years.
      With technology there is less risk of DJ getting stuck with old stock and rental returns are more consistent than retail fluctuations around tech product launches.

      As for why people would shop there you would need to ask a psychologist as there are lot of people with more money than sense out there. Why does anyone pay more than they need to when other retailers are just as convenient to visit? We OzB are driven by price/value others are driven by pretty flowers/chandeliers, memories of service that no longer exists decades later, irrelevant celebs in ads and maybe pink unicorns ;-)

      Dick Smith also has new owners willing to take a retail risk in order to get a return on their investment.

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