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Free iPhone 4/4S Case Blank or Pre-Printed with FREE Delivery


I believe you can get a free iPhone 4/4S case from here

Free Delivery too

You can choose between Pre-Printed Phone Cover or Blank Phone Cover

Just ordered one


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    I like to test your belief but I don't have, or know anyone with, an iPhone 4/S.

    • +1

      I have one, alot of my mates have too

    • I have one!

  • -1

    This is so 2000 and late.

    • +1

      actually, iphone 4 was released in 2010

      "This is so 2010"

  • OP, did you order the pre-printed cover or the blank cover? Great find btw!

    • Printed, hope they don't send me a weird one

      • Lol yeah! Thanks, ordered one just now as well!

  • ordered a printed one. thanks!

  • lol ordered a pre-printed one.

  • +2

    ordered a post-printed one.

  • ordered one. didn't get a confirmation email… u sure this legit coz their web dont look too professional

    • u sure this legit coz their web dont look too professional

      They've been around for 7 years.

  • where does it say that it is iphone4 case and not iphone5?

  • all gone quota filled

  • I would say that it's Sold Out/Expired!
    Form over quota
    This form has passed it's allocated quota
    and cannot be used at the moment.

  • has anyone received this yet?

  • I haven't yet. How long before we neg?

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