BUYING Secondhand Samsung Galaxy S3 3G (up to $300)


I am after a second hand, immaculate Samsung Galaxy S3 - ok?

I was wondering if any of you were selling one that you might have, or know of anyone selling one. I don't really want to pay upwards of $300.00, and pref. colour is white.




    ebays? gumtree?

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    hi CMI
    I have one white S3 3G , comes with 3 batteries ( NFC ) , 3-4 covers , included box , well kept .
    great condition . Please sms me if you're interested . I am too busy to put on eBay .


    all you can buy a new chinese phone with better spec for that price.


    Look at the LG optimus 4x HD as an alternative. The Optimus 4x HD is priced at $300 new and you can get it from either Kogan or (local warranty).

    Spec-wise it's pretty much the same as the SGS3, and build quality wise I believe it is just about as good or in fact better (sturdier than the SGS3). One thing I noted was that the Tegra3 chipset used in the phone tends to become quite hot when used for extended periods of gaming (or any other CPU intensive task). If that doesn't bother you, this is a very competent alternative.