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Corsair Vengeance Gaming Headset 1500 $76 USD Shipped + 1300 $48.95 (+Forwarder) Via Amazon


Hi All

So i have been tracking the Corsair vengeance 2000 wireless headset for ages and it finally dropped from over $100 to $79.99
Alas Amazon wont ship to Australia!!! Grrr! (its like $138 here)

However today my camelcamelcamel tracker alerted me to the Corsair Vengeance 1500, which is essentially the same headset as the 2000, except requires a usb cable

Based on price history, it is the LOWEST it has ever been and it ships to Australia
Shipping was estimated to be roughly $17.99 for me, so roughly $75.99USD delivered

Cheapest on static ice is ~$89 from Greenbox, but they probably dont have stock

The 1300 model is also cheap, but the 1500 is the real bargain in terms of value for money

Personally, I am still going to buy the vengeance 2000 via a forwarder as it still works out MILES cheaper than buying from local at these prices. But thought it might be of interest to someone else

As always, if you combine shipping with other goods, shipping may be more worth it (e.g. with an ssd or something)

I also noticed Amazon had a sale on a few shoes as well the other day when using my $5 credit (bought some DC shoes sneakers for 20% off already sale prices)

Link to search result for full corsair range:

If you feel that this is a good deal, please use my referral link below if you're feeling generous



Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have been using the 1500s for about 7 months now. I can highly recommend them. However the earcup material gets very dusty.

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      Little tip on cleaning ear cups: rub the ear cups on each other, they will build up the lint into bigger bits so you can just pick them off or use a lint roller after. Works like a charm, makes it look new again.

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    The USD conversion to AUD makes the price very similar to the Aus store you mentioned.


    Would of grabed the Corsair vengeance 2000 wireless @ $80 too bad :(


    I've got a pair of these but I guess I have a weird shaped head as the cups really press in on the sides of my head, meaning I can only wear them for about 45 mins at a time.
    Good sound and a nice mic though.