[BLU-RAY] Star Trek Into Darkness cheapest price

Just wondering if I should pre-order this or should I wait until it's released and hope for a better price? I'm not sure where to shop online these days for Blu-ray discs besides JB Hi-Fi.

Please suggest store you know are reputable that have lower prices than JB Hi-Fi, who have the basic release for $39.98. I'll add others as I find them.

Thanks. :)



    $39.89 (inc. postage)

    $34.99 (ex. postage)


    Wait for release. You can get burnt pre-ordering unless an insane deal comes along. JB also have exclusive steelbook versions on that movie too.


    Zavvi would be.


    I got mine from Zavii for $29.75 AUD inc Shipping, looks like the price has gone up now though.

    JB have the steelbook for $43
    and Amazon.co.uk is the exclusive steenbok for UK.. so maybe check their price… last i checked it was.. "register your interest"


    I'd guess that the price point for the regular non exclusive versions (when it hits) will be the same as Iron Man 3 at Big W which is currently $25 Blu Ray, $34 3D and $19 DVD. They are higher than that for Star Trek at the moment though. It will be advertised on release and the price will drop.

    Also check Target, my local store had Iron Man 3 on the shelves about three days before the official release date.


    Amazon.co.uk has it for 32AUD shipped to AUS

    Cheaper thann JB Hifi who is charging $43 at present.

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