Artscow T-shirt quality?

I designed/ordered a T-shirt from Vistaprint and the quality was extremely disappointing. It is so thin and see-through that I cannot wear it.

So I was wondering if anyone here has anyone ordered a T-shirt from Artscow before - and if so, what was the quality of the cloth like?

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    I was very happy with mine, but you are more discerning than I am. Mine was a couple of years ago.

    How much did you pay?


      Sorry, just to be certain, did you mean you were happy with a Vistaprint one - or Artscow?

      I don't recall the Vistaprint price, but I think it was probably $10-$14?

      The other day I finally decided to wear it for the first time - inside the house - alone - because it was quite hot here. (I hadn't worn it before because there's nothing attractive about a hairy chest showing through a thin white T-shirt.) I have other T-shirts from BigW that are 3x better, that only cost $6 normally, $4 on sale.


        I'm pretty sure it was vistaprint.


          Hm… So either they used different stock for one of us, or you're a girl that's really easy to please.

          If you know what I mean, LOL.

          Thinking about it, we even tear up our old clothes to use as rags on the car, etc. Any many of those clothes that are falling apart are still less see-thru than that VP shirt.


    Even though this is an extremely old post I needed to put in my 2 cents as well about Artscow, especially because I see bargains coming up on here for them all the time.
    Just got my first order with them of 2 shirts from this recent (now expired) bargain after decent reviews in the comments -
    And I have had the same problem as DisabledUser65922 above.
    Took just over 3 weeks to arrive to me in Perth.
    The shirt material is so thin one of them ripped as I was putting it on and believe me I haven't got any hidden hulk strength… I was totally shocked at the bad quality and extremely thin cotton. The custom image has bad bleeding and there were white (factory dust?) marks all over the front of the shirt.
    I am extremely disappointed with them and I'm going to see what they say about it via their customer service.

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