expired $6 Toothbrush Head Replacements, Free Shipping


Just $6 for a pack of 4 Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads.

Delivery within Australia is included.

Compatible with a range of Oral B electric toothbrushes.


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    not really a deal , more like free advertising .


    Fake. They don't last as long and are inferior to the 'real' heads.


      "Fake. They don't last as long and are inferior to the 'real' heads."

      I find that the fake ones last a lot longer than the genuine ones on my Triumph Oral B toothbrush- because the replace head message doesn't appear, and boy it seems to appear quickly with genuine Oral B heads- great business model, eh?


      What are fake about these? Are they really lollipops pretending to be toothbrush heads?

      They never said they were oral b heads, just compatible with the toothbrush.
      Just the same as nespresso compatible pods are not fake, printer cartridges are not fake, etc.


        They literally fall apart after a month or so. Plus the quality of the brisles isn't as good as the real ones. So you either by the fakes and switch them more often, or buy the genuine and get a better product that lasts longer.


    usually there's an avalanche of "It's fake" "the fake ones are bad quality", "the fake ones are dangerous!!" "The fake ones fall apart & you can choke"… We use these inferior fake/grey market/generic ones & they seem fine to me. I get 6mths out of one head before the missus chucks it, even though the bristles aren't shagged.