Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Replacement Battery

Hi Guys,

I am hoping we have few Galaxy S2 users in OZB who have had replaced their Battery.
Can you please recommend any good after market battery? (thats also safe to use)…

99% of the batteries in eBay are fakes and poor quality (some of them are being sold as genuine but when you ask the seller to re-confirm - they just run away)

I have already checkd WP and XDA forums for suggestions but most of the threads are old…

(P.S. my budget is around $10-$15 and I don't need those high capacity batteries, anything around 2000mAh is sufficient)

Thanks heaps.


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    I got a S2 Battery off ebay that cost me $17 and it was marked as genuine. I can attest to it being genuine, and if it isn't it is pretty damn good anyway! :)

    I can link you to the seller if you would like.

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    I also purchased a spare battery from ebay and I have had no problems with it at all. Far easier (less bulky) to carry a spare battery in your bag than any recharging device … I have 3 separate charging devices; normal charger, AA backup charger and a car charger. The spare battery though is handier when you are out all day taking lots of photos and videos.

    I purchased my replacement battery from the ebay seller; aus_proseller over a year ago for $7.99 (free postage).
    99.1%, 145928, so appears that others were happy too. They are still available at the same price.


      Thank You - will buy one

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      'Anker' branded extended batteries are very good. True to it's stated capacity (or very close to!) and perform better than stock batteries. The main issue is the price, and since their supply has dwindled (perhaps the company stopped producing S2 batteries) the price has gone up lately.

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