[Price Match] Google/Asus Nexus 7 2013 32GB $333 @ TGG - or $249 via PriceMatch

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Managed to get a Google Nexus 7 (2013) 32GB from The Good Guys (17/9/13) and JB-HiFi (18/9/13) for $249. The cheapest I've seen them on the shelves is $333.

Just posting this in a separate deal because I keep finding threads that are $320+ for the same device.

Receipt posted for price matching glory. Good luck OzBargainers!

Don't forget. Officeworks will price beat by 5% - Totalling $236.55

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    price matching /=/ a bargain!

  • That doesnt make any sense!!

    It's a $320 device, how did you get it for $249 ? ? ?

    It's either a fake receipt or the problems have mounted to a ridiculous level with the Nexus 7

    • We are 'professionals', right?

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        We are 'professionals', right?

        Posting this receipt on ozbargain means that Gerry Harvey is 3 steps ahead of us.

        • He has already released a memo to all employee's with a picture of the receipt posted at the cash register "not to honor the deal"

        • He will have a press conference targeted at professional shoppers

        • The Harvey Norman Online chat staff are already aware:
          "Hello Ozbargainer - Need any advice, We are not honoring the $249 jb hifi price match on the Nexus 7 2013"

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    Thats the spirit. You win

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    Who did you price match them against? I don't think either Good Guys or JB have it listed as this price.

    Not sure if this qualifies as a bargain, if it relies on having a gullible or suggestible OW store clerk.

    • unless he manage to price match with 1st gen n7 to a gullible staff lol?

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      Good Guys price matched against Kogan (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/116614) but didn't charge me the $22 delivery and gave me a 32GB…

      JB HiFi price matched the Good Guys…

      OfficeWorks price beat JB by 5% and so on…

      • good work and lucky on whoever approved it!

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        Well played

      • JB HiFi price matched the Good Guys…

        OfficeWorks price beat JB by 5% and so on…

        meanwhile, Gerry Harvey declares war on the professionals

        He blames the 17.5% drop in profit on Ozbargain Price Matching deals

      • Btw, i know a few success stories where people managed to get OW to price match Kogan directly. Save you the trip to TGG and JB.

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        then go to JB and price match the OW receipt to buy another one
        return the OW one and re-buy from price matching the new JB receipt, receive another 5%

        I only need to do this 14 times for a 50% discount, I can do that, hold my beer.

        • I can do that, hold my beer.

          hahaha, drunklogic, theres nothing quite as intelligent (at least at the time)

      • Most stores won't price-match Kogan, let alone give you a 32GB version as opposed to the listed 16GB but glad it worked for you.

  • nice score.
    …and you paid cash… just in case they hunt you down ;-)

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      I don't like posting stuff with my details, which is why I paid cash on the second one (for my fellow OzBargainers)

  • Anyone got it with the same price in Mel??

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      oh crap … a jb hifi rep is already here

      Everyone quickly hide

      ummm … so how is the weather today

      • five o! five o!

  • might shoot down to local jb now with copy of receipt.
    But at OW they are called google nexus 2 so they wont price match.

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    Awesome price, but like the vast majority of these deals where someone manages to negotiate an amazing discount, almost no one else is ever able to score the same deal.

    • I've personally done it three times at different stores. It's difficult but not impossible. I suppose I have the advantage of the original receipt though. Anyway, if your local retailer won't match it, it should come as good leverage for a negotiation :-)

  • I keep telling myself I'd be winning a "game" if I can get some staff member to price match a Nexus 2013 with a 2012 price.

    But really it's just fraud :(

    • Depends how the price match was presented. If you walk in with the price on your phone and say I want a price match. The sales person picks up the new model and sells it to you. They made a mistake. And you get a bargain (oh wait we don't consider price matching bargains here). If you pick up the current model device and walk to the register and show them the price of the older model and you get the price match then I consider that fraud. In both cases it's up to the sales person to ensure that the devices are the same though. Which can be quite difficult.

      • The first example would just be unjust enrichment ???

    • I got the 1st gen for heaps cheaper this way. I did it honestly. I just walked into EB and asked if they would price match a nexus7 under cost. 5 minutes later I walked out with one because they said they needed to move the two they had in stock, and didn't care much about it, even spoke to his manager about it. TADA :)

  • My local ow wouldn't fall for this. :-(

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    It seem that you manage to price match a 2013 model for the price of a 2012. This is a one off thing that is very hard to reproduce and border line fraud. This is definite not a bargain post. May be belong in the forum.
    Edit: from reading his other post, TGG price kogan price of a 16GB but gave him a 32GB by mistake. Then he price match at JB with the good guy receipt. So you basically got this because of a mistake from the good guy people giving you a 32GB instead of a 16GB. This is like when people price match techrific nexus 7 2012 with office work because office work does not know about techrific secret posted fees. Mos definitely belong in forum.

    And as for my neg reason, price matching is not a bargain. In the guide line you have to post the original deal that you use to price match which you have none since you price match of a mistake.

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    Price match not a bargain. Not a bargain when not everyone can walk into a store and receive this price.

  • don't think they will price match based on receipt only (especially the pic only). they will check the brochure/catalogue or online website to verify it

  • price match is no bargain

  • Belrose supercenter said they would need the original receipt to honor the price match. A man can dream…

  • Hey,
    If it helps anyone, I got JB-Hifi to sell me the Nexus 7 2013 32g Wifi for $310. I just asked them directly if they could do that price and they said yes.

  • OW Ryde said they would match it if JB would confirm the "current" price was still $249 over the phone. JB said $333 so no price match.

  • Negging this deal simply because even if I got lucky with a pricematch myself, I couldn't do it honestly. Nor could anyone else.

  • Denied at OW Carnegie, no deal

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    I price matched at OW QLD, the staff is pretty nice. I asked him do u price match, then he said they price match everyone. I just showed him the receipt. Got it at 236.55
    I dont know how to upload a receipt.

  • Good Guys price matched against Kogan (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/116614) but didn't charge me the $22 delivery and gave me a 32GB…

    It seems very unlikely that other OzBargainers will be able to get the same upgrade from a 16GB model to 32GB at no extra cost. After discussion with 2 other moderators, we've decided to move this to the forums.

  • It's a luck of a draw thing, most stores usually will say it's below cost price and can't match it. Which I'd say it would be in this instance. The $310 price many been getting is probably around a fair bartering price at the moment.

  • JB Hifi is selling this $333 no haggle

  • I walked around three stores today without luck [OW, TGG, JB]. Will try some more stores in Melbourne.

    They took 1 look and told me that they will not price match. Too low. 1 store wanted to check the website for the current price.

  • great deal