expired Domino's $6 Chef's Best / Value / Traditional Pizza, $8.95 Premium Pizza Pickup


Just woke up and this was exactly what I needed… order before 6pm for $6 Chef's Best, traditional or value pizza, premium for $2.95 extra
Works for Brisbane store, assuming it will work for others as it came up on the dominos main page

Domino's Pizza

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    Much obliged!

    A hint to everyone here. If you like a specific combination but don't want to be charged for extra toppings, get a supreme and just remove and add as desired. As long as its not too different it'll work(and is <= the existing amount of toppings).

    For example, I got a pepperoni pizza(disguised as a supreme) with extra pepperoni + mozerella cheese for no extra, as apposed to $2 surcharge on a pepperoni pizza(spouse is picky). Also made a killer meatlovers.


      I think you only get a maximum of 2 topping changes, and none of the new toppings can be chicken or they'll add surcharges.


        has this changed? i was only adding chicken + prawns earlier this week

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        Duck and such still work, I normally remove ground beef since thats just mince (cheapest item to put on a pizza i assume)

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        Chicken still works. Normally get a supreme, remove the pineapple and capsicum/mushroom and add seasoned chicken and roast chicken.


      I find with Designa I can get a fairly good pizza. With that you get to add 4 toppings.

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    Every time I use a really cheap code, my store gives me like half the toppings.


    Just woke up
    You are a lucky Person

    $6 Chef's Best/ Value/ Traditional pizza
    We are lucky people

    Thanks for sharing


      I had a big Saturday night, this was my inspiration for getting up yesterday :P
      Hope you all enjoyed the delicious carbs

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    Swear every time I see these on this site I promise not to get myself one in the morning and to go for a jog instead.

    Then by half way through the afternoon I find myself eating a dominos pizza in my underwear with the only exercise being walking to my car and back to pick it up.


      You are my type of man.
      Or woman.


    Thank you so much for the tips. Can a single man finish 3x $6 pizzas (2 disguised super supreme, 1 shiraz lamb)? Guess not but I will give it a great shake!


    Thanks, been craving some pizza :)

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