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expired Domino's $6 Chef's Best / Value / Traditional Pizza, $8.95 Premium Pizza Pickup


Just woke up and this was exactly what I needed… order before 6pm for $6 Chef's Best, traditional or value pizza, premium for $2.95 extra
Works for Brisbane store, assuming it will work for others as it came up on the dominos main page

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    Much obliged!

    A hint to everyone here. If you like a specific combination but don't want to be charged for extra toppings, get a supreme and just remove and add as desired. As long as its not too different it'll work(and is <= the existing amount of toppings).

    For example, I got a pepperoni pizza(disguised as a supreme) with extra pepperoni + mozerella cheese for no extra, as apposed to $2 surcharge on a pepperoni pizza(spouse is picky). Also made a killer meatlovers.


      I think you only get a maximum of 2 topping changes, and none of the new toppings can be chicken or they'll add surcharges.


        has this changed? i was only adding chicken + prawns earlier this week

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        Duck and such still work, I normally remove ground beef since thats just mince (cheapest item to put on a pizza i assume)

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        Chicken still works. Normally get a supreme, remove the pineapple and capsicum/mushroom and add seasoned chicken and roast chicken.


      I find with Designa I can get a fairly good pizza. With that you get to add 4 toppings.

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    Every time I use a really cheap code, my store gives me like half the toppings.


    Just woke up
    You are a lucky Person

    $6 Chef's Best/ Value/ Traditional pizza
    We are lucky people

    Thanks for sharing


      I had a big Saturday night, this was my inspiration for getting up yesterday :P
      Hope you all enjoyed the delicious carbs

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    Swear every time I see these on this site I promise not to get myself one in the morning and to go for a jog instead.

    Then by half way through the afternoon I find myself eating a dominos pizza in my underwear with the only exercise being walking to my car and back to pick it up.


    Thank you so much for the tips. Can a single man finish 3x $6 pizzas (2 disguised super supreme, 1 shiraz lamb)? Guess not but I will give it a great shake!


    Thanks, been craving some pizza :)

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