Qantas Club Membership Offer

Hi Ozbargainers

Can you someone share their knowledge on where can I get the discounted Qantas Club membership?

Thanks a lot!




    Corporate plans ftw


    thanks for the response sjobeck. I was looking for Personal membership.


    The Australian Frequent Flyer Forum gives a discount under certain circumstances.


    thanks Anna. Under what circumstances? Is this the site you were referring to :


    Check out the Gold m'ship for $50 pa = QF Club $200 OFF normal m'ship.

    There are other professional bodies etc who offer cheap m'ship - such the Accountants … whatever their prof body is called. Do a search and you may find others.


    priority pass or aa passes are cheaper and might still suit your needs


    That's a good point tonester makes. There are many things to take into consideration … how much flying to where how often on which airline?

    If it is a 30 day trip on QF and AA for example you can join AA and get a 30 membership for USD99 to get into those lounges. Suggest you do a lot more research and The AFF is a good place for info.

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    I think everyday rewards has free offer.


    Not sure if you mean Qantas Frequent Flyer membership (or Qantas Club) or not. If you sign up for a Woolworths Easy Rewards Card at the supermarket (or online) this entitles you to free membership of the Qantas Frequent Flyer card (and rewards program). As you use your Woolworths Easy Rewards card (check the other Rewards partners) it also adds points to the Qantas Frequent Flyer membership too. Check your preferences online for this. So, not only good for the fuel discount vouchers which are credited to the Easy Rewards Card. You may not earn enough points from supermarket shopping to earn flights but points do add up (could earn enough for a credit on the flights themselves). You can also purchase items from their online store also with the points. Process costs nothing.


      Is Easy rewards a credit card? Or is it like a Flybuys card, that just collects your information adn gives you QFF points

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        Easy rewards card (orange - see them at Safeways or online) works much like a Flybuys card (that works at Coles). Points and fuel savings on both these cards as we shop at both supermarkets.

        The Easy rewards card also gives you the option of joining Qantas Frequent Flyer club, which also receives points when you shop at Safeways… double dipping points in both Easy Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer. Qantas Frequent Flyer recently gave us the option of the pre-paid MasterCard (which I took up)called Qantas Cash. Apparently so long as you use it every year (and you get even more points purchasing with the MasterCard … I know!) you avoid any fees. I must admit that I am not totally up with all the information with all these different points schemes but I do make use of the points with vouchers or gifts, and none of these cards cost me anything.

        Check out this website for more info:

        If you are interested get your Easy Rewards Card at Safeways (or online), then join Qantas Frequent Flyer (afiliated) for free, then apply for the Qantas Cash prepaid MasterCard … fee free.


    I saw there was a special 45% discount couple of weeks ago but missed that.

    Hopefully there will be another similar promotion coming up soon. I will share it here if I found one and hope the same from everyone.

    I travel a fair bit with Jetstar. The last time i check, Priority pass doesnt have access to the perth international airport. Furthermore i need to pay extra for my family members. Where as Qantas Club allow one guest and two children under 17yo. Correct me if im wrong here.

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    Hi all, as i promised, here is the current promo in QC membership. $470 to join (45% discount) and valid till 13 Nov. I know everyone has different opinions on the worthiness of this QC membership. Nevertheless I'm here to share the deal as i mentioned in my previous posting.

    Cheers Dave


    Note to all travelling from Sydney by Jetstar & intending to use Qantas club lounge in Terminal T2. Qantas club lounge in Terminal T2 is now closed. You can access Qantas club lounge in Terminal T3 but what a hassle. Extra distance to walk, extra security checks to go thru etc etc


    I'd really welcome any news about the next Qantas Club membership offer. Kicking myself that I missed the last one!
    Thanks all.


    Hi guys, i know this is a massive bump, but i thought id post on this forum rather than make a new one!

    Qantas currently have a promo on where they are offering 40,000 bonus frequent flyer points if you join the Qantas Club (by the 16th of november 2015).

    I'm tempted to sign up for the offer, mainly due to the current promotion of 40,000 frequent flyer points.

    I'll be traveling to the US during January next year, no other flights booked yet.

    I may fly internationally once again mid next year, & potentially interstate once or twice.

    Would the membership be worth it?

    Topping up 20,000 points currently costs $557.5 from qantas online (so $1,115 for the 40K), so by taking up the QC offer i would be paying over $200 less and also have lounge access (for at least the 1 trip which i have currently booked).

    I am by no means a frequent flyer, just see this as a decent opportunity to top up my current frequent flyer point - albeit a somewhat costly way, but since i don't travel all that frequently its a big chunk of points i can add to my already accumulated frequent flyer points.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Doesn't look at all good value to me.

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