Any recent deal for CREE?

Looking for to buy a CREE with good bargain price.

Anyone know?



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    DOTAKE - as forum posts go - you do take the cake.

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    HINT: From numerous household downlights, spotlights and bulbs, to scientific and industrial lighting, to keyring torches with a handful of lumens, to torches with thousands of lumens that could floodlight the deck of an aircraft carrier, there are thousands of items that you could call a 'CREE'.

    I'll let other people help you - assuming that you actually want to narrow your search down!
    Maybe just punching 'cree' into ebay's search engine will help you in your quest.

    If - guessing - you are looking for mid-sized torch/flashlight, you will find lots to choose from there, and even more on the many free-ship China-product websites. I would recommend Fasttech as a reputable site, with consistently keen pricing.

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    And I'd also get familiar with all the different model of CREE emitters - something unbelievably cheap could be old-tech.

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    There is a deal on a cree torch at the moment assuming that's what you want:

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    I bought my Cree from its china, but cheap prices and your choice of size and style.
    Always wrapped well, sothe mail is slow but its free postage, or very cheap postage

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    Want to know what that CREE bulb is capable of…then you need to know the model AND bin of the emitter.