Is an original note too old?

My mum is finally wanting to enter the smartphone world. I took her to JB Hi Fi to try some phones and see what sizes she likes. She liked the huge Note 2 but wasn't planning to spend that much (seems to be around $500 on ozBargain from what I can see) so I was thinking possibly the original note might fit the bill. Is an original samsung note too old a phone to buy today?

I was planning on seeing what happens to Note 2 prices once the note 3 comes out in a couple weeks. Thoughts?



    I'm still using a 1.5ghz dual core phone with 1gb RAM, which I think spec wise is the same as the Note1.

    No problems on my end, all my apps work as you expect, except for graphic intensive 3D games like 'Sine Mora'.


      Agreed, for someone like a Mum, who is unlikely to be a gaming fiend, anything from Galaxy S2 onwards (in terms of performance should be perfectly fine)

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    The Note 1 is pretty old now (2011) and it's also not getting any more SW updates. The battery is also pretty small compared to the newer note 2 (2500mah as opposed to 3100mah).

    The Note 2 is on the way to getting an Android 4.4 Kit-Kat update, possibly by the end of this year. I think it's best waiting for Note 3 release before splashing out for the Note II.


    If you are to go a note go for the note 2 it about that price or a huawei mate or samsung galaxy mega.

    these are the phablets of the day but there are a few more but out of the price range.

    A kogan agora the new version is 5 inch and also aldi sell a similar handset aswell.


    Still use my original note and know of two others as well. If I could afford it I would get a S3 or S4.

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    How old am I?
    I opened this thinking you were going to ask if you can still use paper currency.


    I like my NOTE2 as it has an awesome screen and as you get older thats important

    I recomend the 4" Nokia 520 for $99 on ozbargin/jbhifi and it now lets you enlarge text fonts too

    Its also easier to use and customise


    Can tell u now whats happening with Note 2 prices in Oz…
    Samsung is recalling all Note 2's in Oz… They not reducing the price.. not clearing stock.. they are recalling all devices

    So unless u buy grey imported stock, the Note 2 wont be around.
    The Note 2 is already End of Life at Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.. they are retuning their stock to samsung for the Oct 3 release.

    Seems they want to remove the "option"


    yeah ;i wanted to actually join a vodafone Samsung galaxy note 2 deal, and they told me Note 3 will be released soon so they go no more note 2 in stock. otherwise i would've ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. but now i've bought a LG optimus G instead it went down from $446 to $388 at JB hifi. now online buying at Kogan is only $340 so i feel a little bit let down. was going to buy Motorola at roughly similar prices but JB had no Motorola in stock at the time.

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    Obviously it's old. It looks ugly and no way you would want to buy that. Not that Note 3 has arrived, it makes no or little sense going for grandfather.