Safe to buy TV from Amazon UK or Germany?


OK - as there is no response against my old query (see below), I have changed this threads subject now.
Found some TV in Amazon UK and Germany site that meets my budget and requirements…

I have seen few deals from Amazon Germany in this site.
Can somebody please share your reviews and experience?


Old Query

Hi Guys

I am hoping if someone in OZB can assist me… I am looking for a new LED/LCD TV.

I still kick myself not buying the LG 47LM6410 deal from TGG.

My Requirements are:
Screen Size: between 46 and 51 inch
Brand: a Decent brand like Samsung, LG or Toshiba
Refresh rate: 100hz minimum
3D/Smart: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Number of HDMI ports: 3+
Budget: The LG 47LM6410 ticked all my check boxes… I guess I am not going to get any TV now for less than $700 :( (I cannot find this model anymore - its discontinued now)

Is there any other deals going on? Tried local stores and Applience online, cannot find any TV that matches my requirements or budget

Thanks in advance.