expired 6 Free eBooks @ BigW


BigW are now selling eBooks - they say in ALL formats.

Download 6 free eBooks from BigW until October 9.

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    It's literally only the five (not six) books, on the page to which you have linked that are free? The selection available for free is pretty crappy.


      That's what I would like to know. Adding other books to the cart retains full price. Does it reduce the price on checkout?


      So, how to choose formats -other- than "Adobe EPUB"…???

      PS The missing 6th freebie eBook was -apparently- "Lion King" but Big W's search engine doesn't seem to find it!

      With that count-error -and- such an unduly -long- top of each web page (at least when Opera is displaying them) suggests they're just debugging their web site app's… :-/

      Still 5 freebies is a bit better than 0… if you know someone who finds the titles interesting. ;-)


        Can't seem to order using Opera browser… :-/

        update: Order exists, but downloading requires changing filenames, to preclude overwriting from d'load 2 to 4, due to identical filenames.

        Big W must be using underqualified family members to program their eCommerce web app's, IMO, given all the glitches we've seen!

        Let's assume it's at pre-release beta & wait for release 1.01


      Another link to a free book


      at the bottom other links from similar books by other people most $0


    Maybe they've taken one away? On their advertisement, they have 6. http://ebooks.bigw.com.au/

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    Geez, look at the pricing…. let the price gouging continue!

    Amazing Aussie Bastards
    Big W $au23.06
    Amazon kindle $us9.99

    The Stalking of Julia Gillard
    BigW $24.95
    Amazon $us9.99


      It can be =worse= than just overpriced…

      If you have & use more than 1 reader, are you forced to buy one copy of any eBook(s) you'd like to read at both?


    They might say all formats but they're not. All 5 are Epub only and DRMd


    what is bigw?

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    Baah! Need AdobeID for the DRM. Useless on most of my devices.


      If Big W actually advertised it as "all formats", then they are misleading consumers, however it doesn't mean that this isn't a free deal.

      I think Kindle is the only eReader that doesn't support Adobe, Most do support it (Kobo, Nook, Sony, Windows, Mac, WindowsPhone, Android, iOS).

    • The load times are terrible (for me at least)
    • A redirect error on checkout
    • "An error has occured while retrieving your download."

    Thanks for the deal, OP, but this will probably be the last time I use BigW eBooks.


      Its a good thing OP advertised this, now we know to avoid it, without losing any money!


    Thanks OP


    Thanks for sharing

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