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EHPlabs OxyShred 20% OFF Pre-Order Sale. Improved Formula. Free Shipping Australia Wide. $63.13


The new EHPlabs OxyShred Fat Burner is due to land in Australia next week! The formula has been slightly tweaked to strengthen the product with double the Higenamine. According to the Australian supplier it also boasts smoother flavour's, which taste and smell better than the original formula.

Our current pre-order price is the cheapest on eBay and we're offering a further 20% off that price if you pre-order through our official website using the discount code 'oxy20off'.

e.g. RRP $109.95. Current Sales Price $78.90. OzBargain discounted price $63.13.

Shipping is FREE throughout Australia so you don't pay anymore than $63.13. We anticipate dispatch will take place in the next two weeks.

Four flavours to choose from - Guava Paradise, Kiwi Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Melon

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  • Is this the Ultra Thermogenic one ???

    • Hi JV, yes it is.

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        Is there a risk of SHC ???

  • +3

    Your website is down.


    • Hi thank you. Back online.

  • if im hot, do i still need Ultra Thermogenic?

    • Maybe try Cryogenics instead ???

      • make me the Iceman? But I am way hotter than that

  • +1

    LOL site already crashed.

    On another note is there any research or data to back the claims made about the product to suggest that this actually works? Also because this has NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration we don't really know if it is indeed a safe product because of the category it falls under.Its likely product will list proprietary blend which means we will never really know whats in it.

    Not saying that this is a bad product but just to be cautious about what your really putting into your body.

    • Coffee is Thermogenic, I'd rather just go get an espresso…

    • everything you need to know. The only stuff in this that helps 'fat burning' is green coffee bean / caffeine. Most of these fat loss supplements are frauds.

      • Because gets everything right…

        I dont know much but there are stuff works differently from just pure thermogenic such as:

        L-Tyrosine: Stop craving by giving you more dopamine (reward neurotransmitter to your brain) so you dont crave. Control excessive eating

        Nicotine: Suppress appetite. Why do you think a lot of female smokers love smoking? Smoking makes them less hungry and obviously by no eating they will lose weight.

  • Higenamine is currently considered potentially dangerous by the general medical community. As a stimulant it MAY increase calorific consumption but it may also produce cardiac side-effects including arrhythmia and arrest, particularly in at risk individuals. Tests into its application in cardiac therapy, particularly for sino-atrial node disorders is ongoing but I would be very cautious of using this form of unregulated and unproven stimulant for weight loss.

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