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So after using a Geminus set from Avancer, I simply can't go back to drinking coffee etc from glasses and mugs.

The problem is that they're so ridiculously fragile, and i'm wanting to know if this trait carries over to the more expensive brands like Bodum/Baccarat? Googling didn't help.

I'm happy to invest more money if they wont crack so easily. I've already lost 2/4 of my 370ml Avancer glasses within a week. I can't believe the first one got a hole at the bottom simply from dropping regular sized a ice cube into it. It wasn't from height or anything, as my fingers were basically 1/3rd into the glass when i let go. The only other way I could do this would be to tilt the glass like when pouring beer.

Anyway, cube hits the bottom with a strange chink, then I noticed there was a hole. I don't even know how the 2nd one got ruined but its the exact same damage =/

So anyone care to share how theirs are?



  • I bought some of the kmart ones…… they've been absolutely fine…. use them daily, chuck em in the dishwasher….. no probs at all….

    • Yep, me too. 4 for $9.

    • I use both Avancer and Kmart.

      Kmart more plastic, they bounce when dropped…

      But Avancer is more quality and you can feel it. But so fragile

      My dad used one for his coffee, stirred too hard I guess and cracked one.

      • So the Kmart ones are actually made from plastic?
        Hmm, why does drinking hot beverages out of plastic just sound wrong…

        • That's what I'm told.

          It doesn't feel that much different. I only know they feel different because I have both.

          Kmart ones good value for money.

          Please note just because I bounced one off the tiled floor doesn't mean they're indestructible.

          As much as I like the Avancer ones, I really really don't like how they shatter when dropped. Dropping a glass, it breaks and you have shards here and there, the Avancer one practically explodes.

        • kmart are glass…

  • I've got the Avanti 80 mL borosilicates - maybe their small size makes them more rigid and I don't put ice in my espressos, but they've handled being jostled around in a sink when washing up.

  • We have various Bodum ones (two different shapes with different sizes). Some are the old style without valve at the bottom and some are the newer style with valve at the bottom.

    We use them every day (both hot and cold drinks) and have only broken one in quite a few years (~4 years I guess). In general, they are a lot more durable than I expected and I wouldn't hesitate to get more or recommend them.

    I have read stories of the Bodum ones exploding, but we've seen nothing of the sort.

  • I've only broken them when I've dropped them, onto our tiled floor.. They make quite the explosion!
    We dishwash ours.
    I reckon you got a couple of duds!
    They weren't hot out of the dishwasher when you dropped ice into them? ie thermal fracturing rather than physical?

  • No, it was sitting empty at room temperature.

    In fact, they've handled boiling water and i've left one in the freezer for a quick chill without issues.
    It's just that the inside wall of the base seems way too weak.
    They do feel very plastic too. ie. very little weight for the size.

    Ill take a pic tonight as the cracked bits look very, very thin.

    edit: what brand are you talking about?

  • They are all fragile,
    I have glasses from 4 sets, ie lost a few from each over the time.
    I bought some $80 ones from Nespresso and they are the best looking.
    I have 2 sets of the cheap Kmart ones.

  • I have bought multiple brands, all break, none have ever survived our dishwasher - if one goes in by accident it is certain death. Both sealed and rubber plug Bodums we have seem equally breakable. I was really upset when I broke the first one (I think they were much dearer a few years ago - now after breaking about 3 sets I am used to the pain.

    • This is weird… ours must have been through the dishwasher 100s of times! Three different dishwashers over time too. What does your dishwasher do to break them?!? :)

      • Ditto… I was scared of putting them in originally. They're so light that I thought the water jets would flip them all over the place. then my wife slipped some in without my knowledge and they survived OK.. They've been dishwashered ever since.

  • I've had the Bodums for several years. No problems with top-shelf dishwashing. There have been breakages, though, usually when dropping something on to them or accidentally dropping them a few inches in the sink. They aren't as strong as thicker-walled glasses, so you just have to treat them accordingly and not get too upset at the odd slip-up. We use them multiple times a day, and probably lose about one a year!

  • Oh, if you are after something tougher*, perhaps look at the dual wall ceramics from Bodum ($$$) or the much cheaper ones in Woolworths (I forget the brand name, but I think they are sold in red- and black-striped versions. They also go on special from time to time).

    *I don't know if they're actually tougher than the glass ones, I'm just assuming.

    that's glass shards which have floated to the top of the glass. Considering I didn't even realise when the 2nd glass cracked, probably not the best glasses to have around with young kids.

    Also some of the examples here like dishwashers or dropping them are acceptable causes of breakage for me. But dropping an icecube inside….


  • I've been using bodum cups and they have lasted quite well in the dishwasher. I gave my uncle 4 and he has broken two from handwashing alone! So I think you just have to be very careful with them

  • The bodum ones I bought from myer for $50+ for 2 still chipped and broke on the sides after about a year.

    My avancer ones broke immediately from ice also, been careful since and they've lasted a couple of years.

    The best ones I've come across recently are the ALDI Expressi cups they are 3 for $10 for little ones and bigger ones are 2 for $10. The quality seems quite nice on them.

  • Product Recall: Kmart—Homemaker Double-Wall Latte Glasses:

    Copied from this thread by neil:

  • Bodum on sale Kitchenware direct. $64.95 for 8. $8.11each.
    Good pressie. You'd pay that for a nice coffee mug.

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