How much is my iPhone 5 worth?

It was replaced today by apple, so it's brand new/as new.


Warranty ends Dec 6 2013.

Looking to get rid of it on fleabay, what sort of price can I expect? And how would be the best way to sell it? "Brand new"?


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    Sell it as "New: Never Used" or "Manufacturer refurbished" (which I believe is what Apple replacement items are).

    Looked at the completed items, optimistically you could hope for $630, worse case scenario $400.

    • Thanks.

      • Sold mine of eBAy last week
        Had warranty until November

        Listed it as $650 or best offer.
        Got lots of $300 offers
        the two $550 offers in one day.
        was about to accept one, got a $575 offer and accepted it
        (local too, so i emailed him and arranged for him to pick it up and pay cash, thus avoiding PP and Ebay fees)

        don't accept any low ball offer.
        They have some value, and someone will pay what its worth.

    • He wont get $630.
      At best i reckon $500. I have seen 32gb go for $500 albeit used.

    • The phones Apple replace faulty phones with are new. Apple do not refurbish phones, it is simply not worth their time or effort. They may call them refurbs, but they are new phones. They go to the Apple store without the box, etc of a new phone.

      • yeah. i had an iphone replaced recently too and asked if it was a refurb. they said no, they dont do refurbs anymore, they just replace them brand new and recycle the old.

      • Interesting neg. Reason, anyone?

      • they "told" you they don't do refurbs?

        If u get a 3GS, 4, 4s or 5 replaced its most likely a refurb
        5c and 5s wont be.
        The current model is always new stock, older models are almost always refurb.

        There is a company in sydney that does all their refurb work for aus.

        They don't swap for broken screens either anymore, u pay the fee and they actually fix them on site now. (iphone 5 onwareds)

    • You just gave me another reason to not believe the tall claims online.

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    $400-450 16gb
    $500-550 32gb
    $600 64gb

    if <12 months

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    Is Sunday night around 8.30 EST still the best time to have your auction end?

  • I was happy to buy a iphone 5 16 for $450, from a fellow ozbargainer.

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    Usually to get an idea of prices, I would refine my search to "completed listings" and "sold items only"

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    Why not list your phone here in the classifieds section. You can list it a bit cheaper as you wont have to pay eBay's charges, etc. and the purchaser gets a decent deal too.

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      Because i'm trying to maximize what I can get for it, I know what you lot are like xD

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        after postage, insurance (you need this) and ebay fee's, paypal fee's you will find that a very significant part of the money you make you dont get to keep. so if the max is the rule then dont ebay…

        local add free under $500 in paper
        local supermarket add is often free

        last resort is gumtree, lots of scammers & time wasters

        last choice is ebay, i would rather take the cash of a ozbarginer at $450 than get $500 on ebay and risk chargebacks ect…


  • The "new" phone's warranty should reset to a new 12 months….

    • Confirmed with apple this is not the case, unless the lady who set me up with the new phone was wrong?

      The apple warranty checker shows Dec 09 2013, same as my old phone.

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      Warranty is the remainder of the original phone.

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      I thought the warranty on the refurb phone is 90 days (3 months). That was what the genius at the Apple store told me when I had to get my last iPhone replaced. I have since moved on to Android now so I can be wrong.

      • Interesting, maybe you had 3 months left on your warranty to begin with?

    • Warranty continues on repalcement item until expiry of current warranty or 90 days which ever is greater.
      the 90 days wont show in the warranty checker, just provide the swap doc and they get the full 90 day

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    Any ideas fellow O.B's on prices achievable for 2 x iPhone 4 ?

  • $500 or $550 if you push it, ebay will get you more if you post it.

  • Ebays good for selling small electrical stuff like good phones, low postage ,and people will pay that bit extra for it coming from within Aus.
    Low value stuff isn't worth it though, fees and postage make it not worthwhile

  • I always thought of someone I know who needs it whenever I sell something, try your friends too, they might just kiss and hug you for this :) but as far as I know it's 430 down to 380. Goodluck !

  • kogan have the 16gb iphone 5c for $550 outright, new with warranty so i guess any iphone5 is worth $100-150 less now