Hey guys - does anyone know the best (cheapest) place to get a US Nintendo 3DS XL?





    Any reason why your getting a US one? I know that Japanese ones allow you to play the massive pile of Japanese exclusives but I never saw the point in the US one, especially at this point in time when the console drops below $200 rather frequently and Big W will happily launch games at a fair consumer price.

    My cousin went US from Amazon. Gets all the games shipped from there as Amazon give free shipping if you pre-order with them which makes its pretty cheap. Talks 1-2 weeks for games to arrive to him in WA which is pretty quick considering so Amazon is probably the best way.

    There are a few on eBay with games that appear rather frequently if you want second hand.


      Whether a US 3DS is worth importing probably depends on what type of game you're into. EU tends to get the short end of the stick where niche RPGs are concerned. The 3DS had a boatload of great RPGs this year; about half of them got a late EU release (3-6 months) and the rest don't even have a release date yet. It was like this on the DS too but at least that was region free.

      First time I've heard about Amazon free shipping though. Is this something new? Amazon UK used to offer free shipping for orders over 25 pounds… Good times.


        Not sure. My cousin just pre-orders and so long as the order is actually a pre-order he says its got free shipping.

        He orders about 4 at once so possibly its over a certain value and a pre-order? I could ask him but time zone difference is annoying.

        I find the RPG thing odd seeing as EU typically has better sales for RPG games then US.

        Make every game English/Japanese. Have a region free console. Nintendo, make it happen! Make it a standard!


    Hey all - thaks heaps for the replies.

    I went with Amazon in the end.

    The reason I wanted the US one is I am moving to Canada in a few months and wanted a platform that will work if i buy games locally over there.

    Thanks all :)