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50% off Baby Car Seats and Booster Seats @ Target - Online & in Store


Pretty straight forward - click + collect allows for free pick up at your selected store.

Booster seat link: http://shop.target.com.au/baby/travel-transport/booster-seat…

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  • Here's another one - found in the Baby clearance section, so maybe not many available of this one

    Hipod Milan Convertible Car Seat $75

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      hmmm that seat doesnt seem to test very well:
      (if its JS7A) 1 star for backward facing, 2 for forward… out of 5

      • Yep, looks like that's it - not a great rating at all - moves to 2 stars forward facing…

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    True ozbargainer does not have children.

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      The rich get richer, the poor get children.

      • Probably cos there were no bargains on the condoms at the time so they went without.

      • -1

        Not true. Being rich, get richer is nothing more. It must say:
        "The rich get children, the poor try to get rich" is more true for today world.

    • or maybe thats WHY they are ozbargain!

  • safe n sound guardian is now $50 cheaper compared to their previous sale.

  • Thanks OP..
    Perfect timing, we were planning to go shopping this weekend anyway!

    • +2

      Wouldnt wait till then. My local had every second person buying them. Wont last long

      • Hmmm by the sounds of it, they'll be out of stock before the end of the day!
        Lay by?

    • but pretty much all the good ones are sold out
    • Presumably also available in-store

      • Yes available in-store also. I went to Target Brisbane City and they had a couple of booster seats at half price. Got the mother's choice for $44, they had 2 more left.

    • That may be the case for online try calling the store themselves. Just scored 2 Safe-n-Sound Urban Booster Seat instored

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    $59 for a car seat (0-4) is cheap! Thanks OP.

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    I ended up getting the Senator with sound (Hipod) - as it was on the CREP site as well and scored above average, wish it had them all on there as Emperor Convertible Car Seat looks pretty decent - any one know of any other comparison web sites?

  • Thanks OP. 3 Hipod Boston left at Target Burwood @ 1:12pm. Apparently the phone has been running hot. Move if want it.

  • The safe and sound guardian looks like a great seat in my opinion, I looked like great value at $199 in the last sale.

    Wasn't good enough for my wife, we had to part with $400 for a meridian AHR which takes up way to much width in the back of the car.

  • Just picked up two of the Hipod Boston boosters. Given that they've got the best safety rating they're great value for $49 each.

  • Im after a simple booster seat.. the ones without the backing like this

    My partner bought one at kmart last year for only $20 but I cannot find them anymore, nor target or big w.

    Any suggestions?

    ps before you harp on about safety its for a almost 6 yr old

    • Not allow to use after the law change.

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        I wondered about that too - Booster cushions that are labelled with the Australian Standards approval sticker 1995 or later are still legal to use (all details copied from below Kidsafe PDF link).

        However, boosters with a high back and sides are preferred because they: offer the child head protection in a side impact crash, and support the child when they fall asleep, preventing the child from falling sideways out of the seatbelt as they sleep, and thus keeping the seatbelt in the right place to protect the child.

        The 2010 version of the Australian/New Zealand Standard that governs the performance of child
        restraints allowed to be sold in Australia (AS/NZS 1754) has removed a special exemption for booster cushions that allowed them to be sold without passing the side impact test.

        Effectively, this means that booster cushions will no longer be able to be certified for sale in Australia and will gradually disappear from retail stores - which would explain why you can't find them anywhere for sale BR.


  • Anyone know the warranty period of Car seats?
    I need one from Jan onwards :)

  • All sold out online

  • +1

    few left online…
    wife is only 12 weeks pregnant (had our first scan yesterday)… worth buying now, or wait 6 months for other deals?

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      I'd advise putting off as many purchases as possible until you've had the baby. While you're through the really dangerous time, sadly there is still a pretty high chance that you wont make it to full term. (Not trying to be negative, just realistic)..

      We hired a capsule for the first 6 months.. (ours is 4 months old now)
      Prices have dropped $50 since Target last had a sale (just before the birth). They'll go on sale again and worst case in 6 months time (or 10-12 months if you also choose to hire), they're roughly the same price, best case, there are newer models with better features at the same price as now!

      • thanks :-D

      • Congrats :)

        I'd also add that there are quite a few changes coming to car seats, with ISOFIX now approved and a few manufacturers now catching on that people actually want extended rear-facing seats. So there should be a lot of new styles coming out by the time you have bub. So I personally would be putting it off until about 32 weeks or so.

  • Plenty of stock in store - at least at the Perth CBD store

  • Okay thanks, didn't know they were to become illegal..
    I saw a folding one at kmart weeks ago.. doesn't have much padding though…

    Do you guys that have airbags that can be deactivated (mine is via the key) bother doing this?

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed a Hipod boston booster - last one from Capalaba
    These are pretty much sold out in Brisbane stores (Carindale, Mt Gravatt, Indooroopilly, Chermside, Browns plains, Buranda, Capalaba)

    Hipod Boston booster looks like it is still available online in pink

  • Picked up Hipod Boston booster seat 30 min ago from Capalaba there were two of these seats left on the shelves. Also saw a few hipod senator booster seats and lots of the safe n sound booster seats which are $29.

  • Still about 8 Hipod Senator & about 6 Safe n Sound Trojan seats on shelf at Riverlink in Ipswich, sales droid said they had sold over 200 seats in 2 days.

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    Ok, I am negging this deal because I ordered one seat and then just got an email from Target online shopping that my order has been cancelled. no reason, nothing! absolutely horrible!

    • +1

      Glad i got my Mrs to get one instore then! but yeah sucky that it was cancelled and they didnt manage stock properly.

    • +1

      yes this is the thing with Target Online.

      They did exactly the same to me!

      I bought this online for $149.83 delivered to my store : http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/101220
      and the morons sent me a message saying cannot be delivered with no reason (see my comments in thread). I then sought a reason and they gave me the same sorry tale about it not being in stock blah blah blah. They said sometimes simultaneous orders may not be registered by the inventory but I told them the item was still available a few days after I ordered it. I swallowed the bitter pill and moved on…. ……..UNTIL……………….
      THE SAME ITEM MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARS ONLINE AGAIN NOW FOR $99 + $69 delivery with no store pick-up option http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/115543

      Now I'll let you do the 1+1…….

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