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KFC Snack! In The Face Phone Application- 2,500 Free KFC Snacks to Be Won Daily!



Closing Date 31/12/2013


Description kfc snacks
No. of Prizes 1

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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Download. Play. WIN. KFC's Snack! in the Face gives you the chance to win FREE snacks

iPhone: http://bit.ly/SITFIOS
Android: http://bit.ly/SITFAN


Save the snacks then eat ‘em! – 2,500 free KFC snacks to be won daily!

Oh no! The KFC snacks have been stolen by the evil Professor Snackbot! Pop them back into the safety of Colonel Sanders’ mouth. Unlock achievements in Adventure Mode and conquer daily snack challenges in Snack Time for the chance to win free KFC snacks. A physics based puzzle game best played when you need a snack fix. Be a hero and get the chicken!

SNACK TIME – Everyday from 2pm-5pm AEST, test your speed and agility by playing a special Snack Time daily challenge for the chance to instantly win free KFC snacks. Master your technique in Adventure Mode and the snacks could be yours!
ADVENTURE MODE – Help the snacks escape from Professor Snackbot’s evil lairs, unlocking achievements to win snacks:

  • The not so Secret Lab Lair
  • The really hot Volcano Lava Lair
  • The really cold Arctic Ice Lair

MY SNACKS – All snacks won in game are stored in My Snacks, your own prize wallet full of chicken. Just show the prize screen on your mobile device at a KFC restaurant to redeem your snack.

SNACK GIFTING – If you’re not feeling peckish, share the love and gift your prize to a friend through Facebook. They’ll be your BFF.

Free snacks to be won across the KFC Snacking range:

  • Bacon Rollers
  • Wicked Wings
  • Popcorn Chicken Snack Box
  • Nuggets Snack Box
  • Crispy Strip Snack Box
  • Wicked Wings Snack Box

RATING: You must be 14+ to download the game.
For the full list of terms and conditions, please visit Snackintheface.com.au.

I don't know how good the app is because I haven't tried it yet.

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    • Jesus, you get negged more than me nearly.

        • +6

          I don't see all your negs being a sign of you being right, I see them as you being argumentative. It does get ridiculous at times when so many people jump on the band wagon for some of your more reasonable statements.

        • -6

          I don't see all your negs being a sign of you being right

          It is freeware, promoting a competition, not a bargain…

          Read the posting rules…

        • +2

          jv's like that uncle that you just can't ignore

      • If his jokes weren't so pathetic, he may not.

        • -1

          I sense a touch of jealousy, lol… :P

        • Gets told his jokes are lacking; makes an even cheesier joke. Oh the irony.

        • -1

          Oh the irony.

          I see it was moved… :P

      • both

        • ah ha •looks where it got moved to…

  • +4

    Awesome cheers, already won myself a BBQ bacon roller :)

    Side note you get 48 hours to claim the food or you can gift it to a friend via Facebook.

    • -2

      So it's a competition too then ???

      • +1

        It's a game of skill (you need very little), took me a grand total of 24 seconds to win the BBQ roller. Wouldn't be surprised if some people could do it in under 10.

        • to win

          = competition

        • +1

          done, 9 seconds

    • -7

      or you can gift it to a friend via Facebook.

      can you gift it to a homeless person instead ?

      • +5

        do they have facebook?

        • -3

          ask them

        • Lol

      • Fast food thread and homeless people have already been brought up… Five more mins and someone will start complaining about the starving kids in Africa too.

        • Think of the children! Won't somebody think of the children

  • +41

    "RATING: You must be 14+ to download the game."

    Bad luck jv.

    • +17

      Why are you on ozbargain? you should be buying a plane ticket to Africa.

        • +3

          Then you must hang around in the wrong circles. The people I know are the opposite.

        • +5


    • +17

      Express posting my nuggets to Africa as we speak.

    • +1

      It's advertising.

  • Finished the whole Adventure part. Got nothing free from it. I got about 6 coupons.

    Did the snack time challenge thing (5 hits in 1 minute) and got the BBQ roller.

    • good job

    • It's a surprisingly frustrating game.

    • I got wicked wings.

      • +4

        you son of a bitch.

        • +1

          Having it now ….. they have no idea about the new apps and didn't click redeem so I can gift it to my friend.

          My game is popcorn chicken to the month not that hard.

        • mouth not month ….. lol

    • +1

      All I got were BOGOF and $1 extras vouchers.

      Nothing free. :(

  • +3

    Quite liked it..innovative

    • It's not innovative, it's your typical land x at x, and optionally collect 3 stars game :p
      It's worth it for the final screen though!

  • If anyone can work out how to get the golden popcorn chicken in arctic ice lair - 6 then please let me know… Still need to 3 star that one I've done the rest. Frustrating but good for a bit of advertising.

    • +4

      "If anyone can work out how to get the golden popcorn chicken in arctic ice lair - 6 then please let me know…"

      Haha, that made me laugh out loud.

      • +2

        Seriously do you have the answer? I'm getting frustrated here.

        • Finally got it… Didn't even think to shoot backward through the floor.

        • +11

          I was just going to wait for the Prima Games walkthrough guide to come out.

        • +1

          It's annoying as shit anyway, can't get all of the achievements because it doesn't recognise when you share your high score.

  • +1

    Permissions for android

    Network communication
    view Wi-Fi connections
    full network access
    view network connections
    receive data from Internet
    Phone calls
    read phone status and identity
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    Lock screen
    disable your screen lock
    Your accounts
    find accounts on the device
    System tools
    test access to protected storage
    Affects Battery
    prevent device from sleeping

    why do they need to see what accounts I have on my device?
    ehh looks like facebook

    • Cyanogenmod it, backup and restore after you are done.

  • Got the wicked wings.

    I don't allow fb just by the time asked for permission I escape and still allow me to play.

  • hmm i cant get it installed on my gs note 2, google play says error could not be downloaded due to an error (491)

  • It has pretty high system requirements for a 2d game.. around a S2 galaxy spec.

    Interestingly it says you can send your unwanted vouchers to friends via facebook

    • I also found that it used up all my battery after went to claim my food.

  • +2


  • Thanks OP!

  • Awesome thanks OP.

  • +2

    Got the coupon for the snack box buy one get one free.
    Took it to Mt Ommaney KFC in QLD and the manager said she didn't even know about the app and cant do it, she then said it starts this saturday even after i showed her in the T&C's it started on the 8th at 2pm.

    • +11

      Manager should be fired! Write a complaint.

  • +3

    Snack in the face reminds me of Arrested Development, a banger in the mouth.

    • We just call it a sausage.

  • +3


    Complete all levels
    1 free Popcorn Chicken Snack Box

    Earn 3 stars in a level
    1 free Crispy Strips Snack Box

    Unlock All Achievements
    1 free Wicked Wings Snack Box

    Find 3 Golden Popcorn Chicken
    3 free Wicked Wings

    Sink a Snack with 5 bounces
    1 free Bacon Roller

    I've completed the first two, but I haven't got vouchers for these. I wonder if they changed their terms at the last minute?

    25 clearly works as per a comment above.

    • +3

      I've completed 4 of those and received 0 free vouchers.

      This is the kind if BS that causes disgruntled consumers to hack the app.

      • Really? I completed one already have 1 voucher.

        • Yes really. When did you do this? I did mine this afternoon.

        • The first day when I saw this post, so two days ago.

        • Your not the only one. I've only had free vouchers for doing the snack challenge each day, I've done 4 of those apart from 'unlock all achievements'. I'm missing 'share high score' which is bugged and doesn't work, '60 mins played' and '500 pop chicks rescued' before 'unlock all achievements'…

          Never bothered with the 60 mins or 500 pop chicks because the share high score doesn't register anyway.

      • +1

        already hacking it, so far unlimited redeems for a won prize

        • Might i ask how you hack it?? :)

        • Analyse the OBB files.

        • +1

          Any ideas for iPhone?

        • Or iTouch

        • is this easy to do? (although ethically questionable)

    • 21
      Complete all levels
      1 free Popcorn Chicken Snack Box

      I didn't get this reward

    • 25 has been edited! as have most of the freebies from acheivements. Only 23 still exists.

  • I've completed all levels with 3 stars and I never got no free stuff, all I got were BOGOF snack boxes , 1 dollar crushers, 1 dollar cans of drink, and buy 3 wicked wings get 1 free.

  • so far i still haven't got any really free stuff..what are the "real" free stuff you guys got so far?

  • i got a bacon roller and a free nuggets snack box so far haven't used them yet as I used the 2 for one voucher i got. will try to do the achievements later. just the right size meal for a guy my size.

  • Sink a Snack with 5 bounces. How do u do this one?

  • I've used a 'Free Popcorn Chicken' and a 'buy 1 get 1 free' voucher recently. Both times the cashier and manager didn't actually press the 'redeem' button on my phone and as a result, I still have both vouchers.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?

    • +2

      Yup, I actually mentioned to the cashier today without thinking 'do you need to press redeem' and he told me 'you can if you want but I'm not going to mess with other peoples phones'.

      I liked that because I didn't have to have a random KFC worked touching my phone and because I can use the coupon in another store. :)

  • +1

    just went through a drive through with a buy one get one free popcorn chicken snackbox coupon, really satisfying meal for $3.50.

    • +2

      wow, the snack box in my area are $4.60

      • +1

        Do you live away from a major city centre? I assume metro pricing is consistent at $3.50.

        • +2

          $4.60 in Queensland. Even in city.

  • +1

    took some mucking around but i finally hacked the iphone app..

  • Not available on ipad, sad.

    • +2

      Just download the iphone version.

      • -4

        Don't have an iphone hhah

  • +1

    Anyone been using multiple vouchers? I used it the other day and this whole thing seems like it won't last… I bought a snack box for $3.50 then got a second one free. Then I also got a free Krusher because of the snack box purchase then I also got 3 free Wicked Wings. And I can do this pretty much everyday. Going to be so fat I swear…

    • Limited to one voucher redemption per person per day it says so on the terms an conditions in the app when you press the ? symbol.

      I haven't heard of any situations before where you can coupon stack.

      • Interesting, used multiple vouchers at once at KFC Fairy Meadow 3 times so far.

  • +3

    can someone add some decent prize id's because currently i only have Buy one get one free and $1 drinks with purchase..

    ae0d4e5d70514c928b64ef9421bc5465 = Buy one snack box, get one free

    824ab5e162d4480fb04ef0de40ef8915 = $1 Crusher

      • +4

        What do you do with these codes?

      • is that for android, and if so, how to hack? thanks

      • THANKS! how did you get all these.
        Time to edit the database ill try to make a hacked apk soon

      • They for iPhone?

        • +1

          that's the same code on my iphone.

  • +1

    Think these are android codes…

    Iphone anyone?

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