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Dan Murphy's Sparkling Wine Showcas $20, 30 Sparkling Wines on Tasting, 5 Locations


More than 30 sparkling wines on tasting, including Dom Pérignon, Pol Roger and Krug.

A Schott Zwiesel Champagne glass which is yours to keep at the end of the evening

Fun and informative Sparkling crash courses from our expert team members

Amazing spring canapés.

Thursday 17th October

5 Locations,
VIC: Dan Murphy's Prahran
NSW: Dan Murphy's Gladesville
SA: Dan Murphy's Marion
QLD: Dan Murphy's Hamilton
WA: Dan Murphy's Hyde Park

Tickets are limited to 150 places.

I think a Schott Zwiesel glass is worth about 10 dollars and maybe you know the value of

Dom Pérignon, Pol Roger and Krug. They are very nice champagne.

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    Previous years, this was free, minus the glass. Possibly different format too. It was on a Sunday afternoon, with probably more than 30 different sparklings/champagnes on tasting, maybe over 50…?

    I really learned a lot at this tasting.

    • Does everyone get to try all the 30 different varieties or will they limit you to a much smaller number (i.e. by running out on the popular stuff soon after they start)?

      Including glass and canapes this still is a very good value night out - I rather pay $20 than missing out on another free event, so thanks a lot OP :-)

      • +1

        So with the free event, they only had one bottle of the expensive stuff (Krug, Dom, etc.) and those went pretty quickly, but others they had more than one of. But might be a bit easier if it's a paid event, because of much more limited numbers.

        Either way, I would recommend it. It's not often you get to try various $200+ bottles of wine.

        • this has a lot more of the larger french champagne brands and a lot less of the local producers than previous sparkling showcases.

          I've got my ticket, attending for sure

  • Sparkling Wine Showcas $20

    Rather than just 'tasting', you can get 4 bottles of Cock + Bull Brut Cuvée, and still have change left over to buy the Monday Meritline deal later tonight !!!


    • +1

      I bet the Cock + Bull tastes as well balanced as its label. Might as well spend the $20 on 5kg of dextrose and some turbo yeast.

      • Cock + Bull tastes as well balanced as its label.

        Have you tried it ?

        • i have. it tastes like it was made out of real chickens and cows.

        • fermented ?

        • No intention of doing so. After recently having the "pleasure" of trying a glass of Chinese made "Champagne" I have to rest my palate for something nicer.

          If you are looking for a pleasant drop at an affordable price I highly recommend this: http://www.cellarmasters.com.au/wines/Freixenet-Cordon-Rosad...

          I got a case during one of their $50 off promotions. Came to $7.50 per bottle delivered. This is my benchmark in value for money for anything sparkling. Hand picked grapes and bottle fermentation…

  • nice range of wines but of course will you actually be able to taste them all before they run out? with 150 places seems it could be a bit crowded…

    and don't let the bubbles impair your ozbargain mind such that you forget about cheaper places to buy :)

  • A couple of years ago vintage cellars Claremont quarter had similar for free. They were very generous with their serves and got to try many that retail over one hundred dollars. I will look at the dates for my store and see if I can make it. Thanks op.

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