Cracked iPad screen

I live in Sydney near Parramatta and need to get the screen on my Dad's ipad replaced after my little girl dropped it. Anyone know where I can get it done and how much?


  • Try, not sure how much though maybe have a look at their website?

  • What I've done previously is look for any other problems that my be warrantable. I've had an iPad replaced completely because of 1 dead pixel, was 1 year out of warranty. The screen was cracked, but they have to replace as the dead pixel isn't user caused…

    My friend has also had his iPad replaced when he cracked his screen he got someone off Gumtree to replace the screen, it looks great. But the screen didn't stick back in properly, he used the "heat made the glue of the screen not sticky" and the screen than separated from the iPad.

  • If it still under the warranty. Give it ago and try visit apple, maybe get lucky and they replace the ipad for free.