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$4.00 All Day Subs (Inc. Wraps) Half or Full Size at MOGAS BROOKLYN PARK Adelaide South Australia


Product : wrap or sub style bread roll (wholemeal,multi-grain,herb, white etc)

EDIT : You can also have without bread (filling only) and have it in a plastic resealable bowl at no extra cost. *NOTE 5UBW4Y charge $1.50 extra to have it like this.

$4.00 is for either half OR whole sandwich Sub.

Approx 12 pre designed sub types to choose from Menu board (ingredients such as tuna, Chicken, meatball, pork, vegetarian etc etc)

Compared to a well known Franchise(5UBW4Y)there's more filling choices and a few less sauce choices

*promotion states the $4.00 deal does not allow "custom made" however if you ask nicely most will do it without charging extra. Make sure you ask up front.

The Fuel station has only been operating 8 months. Its clean and neat and has a well setup large cafe style section inside to sit/relax. Excellent coffee too

If you spend $10 in-store you also can then get a discount of 4c/litre for fuel (Supermarket dockets for fuel discount are NOT ACCEPTED)

MOGAS ADDRESS : 299/301 Henley Beach Road BROOKLYN PARK SA 5032


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  • +3 votes

    I can confirm the ingredients are absolutely top quality. Much better than subway in every way. I know this place very well because my office is nearby.

  • +1 vote

    Ive been buying the Half Veggi sub as its cheap at only $3.95 for many months and the ingredients are excellent I forgot to mention thanks Risto.

  • +2 votes

    I'm + voting for this because they are pro-free speech and 5UBW4Y
    http://cdn.ozb.me/n/06/109606.jpg?h=75322746 are enforcing Oral-B'esque (can't show you the Dentist named Rob) rules over use of their Logo of Subway product on OzBargain.com.au

    P.S. Dear Subway, Bite me.

    I'm not associated with either of these companies.
    That said, this offer is a mere 1.7km from Fulham 5UBW4Y, 2.3km from Mile End 5UBW4Y, 2.6km from Findon 5UBW4Y, 2.6km from West Beach 5UBW4Y.


      I don't agree with what they have done either. But it's a bit of a stretch to say that them enforcing the copyright of their logo is some kind of breach of free speech.

      • +2 votes

        I don't think I actually said that.

        I advanced the case that this post freely uses without fear or favor the Mogas image in contrast to the restrictions others elect to enforce.

        But I note your observations and thank you for your support.
        (I think we are of a like mind on this).

      • +3 votes

        I am appalled that 5UBW4Y is opposed to free speech…

  • +5 votes

    Subway is overpriced dross, brilliant marketing that the sheep all fall for, ironically NOTHING is fresh at the "home" of eat fresh, I don't classify pre sliced vegetables packed in plastic bags sitting on refrigerated vehicles and store fridges for how many days as fresh. But I guess there's many out there that are into pre cooked, and then either microwaved or reheated "meats", with "fresh" salads.

    • +1 vote

      The rolls are all baked on the day I think. And it's a much better alternative to the other fast foods.

      • +2 votes

        much better alternative to the other fast foods.

        i dont agree.. most small delis makes sandwiches etc themselves as well. people who think any big chain is "good" has just been sucked in by there saturation advertising/marketing imo

      • +2 votes

        On what grounds do you classify much better than other fast foods? Don't be suckered by their "health" claims. I know for a fact that the leftover non popular breads get recycled for a second day (cousins wife own 4 stores), and also they play on the health fact magnificently, many of their most popular sandwiches have more fat than a big mac. But due to their magnificent marketing they make it as difficult as possible for the average person to find out exact values, they only advertise nutritional content now per 100grams, without telling you what the standard product made to their formula weighs. Also to get these amazing 6 grams of fat or less subs they advertise, go through the fine print and it will tell you that this is the case only if you order a specific type of bread and exclude all cheeses and use only 2 of their "lower fat sauces". I'd hazard a guess most people that go to subway include cheese and sauces and bread of their choice thinking they are getting an amazingly healthy meal because of subways marketing machine that gives them this impression. If you did hard enough on their website you may still be able to find actual product nutrition values, unless they've removed that too. I remember reading a footlong southern style chicken sandwhich had a whopping 40grams of fat, and that was based on ordering it on "brown" bread- theres no such thing as wholemeal at subway, its regular white bread colored with molasses- with no sauces at all and no cheese either. A big mac has about 25g of fat. Oh and don't forget the "footlong" isn't actually a footlong its just 11". According to subway that's just a registered trademark.

      • +1 vote

        Yes, the bread is 'baked' on the day, but it is pre-prepared and arrives in the store frozen before it is prepared and proofed then baked. Definitely not fresh, just like most of the other items in the store. My old store (talking about 10+ years ago here) used to prepare capsicum, tomatoes, onion, and cucumber fresh every day by slicing, all of the other salad fillings were pre-packaged. However, since I worked there I have talked to other staff who say that they don't prepare all of those by slicing every day any more in their stores.

        I would recommend taking the 'eat fresh' motto with a grain of salt.

      • +1 vote
        • On what grounds do you classify much better than other fast foods?

        You can pick what you want on your sub and the ingredients look fresher than in other fast food places.

        I know you can ask for something specific at another fast food place but it's easier at Subway.

        I also like the taste much more than other places likes McDs/Hungry Jacks.

        About other deli places… honestly I've never really seen any. Maybe I don't look or Subway is just cheaper. Unless it's the Asian roll places which, while tasty, leave a nasty soy/garlic odor :(

        • +1 vote

          And about the health part, I think if you have specific dietary needs you wouldn't eat out anyway, only when you really need to.


          you keep believing that…… champ… :)


          I agree with Kurtz.

          Nothing makes me facepalm more than the idiot who happens to be hyper allergic to very common foods, purchases a product from somewhere like maccas then bitches about it all over the news when the order is screwed up.

  • +3 votes

    You can guess I hate Subway,

    Let's start with the bread, which is baked from frozen in the stores, emitting a distinct and lingering odor even outside- that's the stink of the additives- do you ever get that stench from fresh bread cooked at a bakery? The frozen bread logs delivered to the stores is made with goodies like sodium stearoyl lactylate and ammonium sulfate, which are used as a dough conditioners, and azodicarbonamide, a bleaching chemical most commonly employed in the production of foamed plastics. azodicarbonamide has been classified as a substance that can cause asthma when used in an industrial setting. Yummy.

    Then there's the meat. It's a processed concoction of actual meat and lots of water that's held together by things like modified food starch and soy protein concentrate, and then goosed with artificial flavorings. If it's chicken, why does it need "chicken type flavor" made from autolyzed yeast extract and hyrolyzed corn gluten? One possible reason is that ingredients like autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed soy protein are stand ins for that enormously effective flavor enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate) since they also contain the glutamate that gives foods a burst of meaty flavor.

    I believe they were also recently not allowed to use the word chicken, as the gunk they passed off as chicken didn't actually contain chicken for it to be called chicken, so they remodified the formula for it to be legally allowed to be called chicken

  • +2 votes

    thanks for letting us know.

    I picked up 4 today.

    Had the tuna (Brooklyn style) and New Jersey (I think) were top stuff. defo better than crudway.
    Wife had the veggie and 'lean and mean' she loved it too.

    you can gets wraps or salads for the same price.

    i asked how long the deal is going and was told until january.

    I noticed the signage had been removed… maybe there was issues with the name 'In and Out subs' being too similar to In and Out burgers…

    thanks again for the heads up.


      Ill be picking up breakfast and lunch from there tomorrow (a long roll cut in half. Half for breakfast the other have lunch which is $2 each.

      Yes its been a few weeks since they removed the "in and out sub" signage.

      They are most friendly staff too :-)

      Glad you enjoyed the deal.


    Makes up for living in Adelaide :P


    They probably don't have honey oat bread or Jalapeños - the two reasons I go to Subway. I'd honestly like to know if I am wrong.


      no honet oat, but they have Jalapeños for sure. bread available was white, wholemeal, multigrain or garlic herb.

      i thin there was also some chilli paste that looked quite evil….

      on the plus size, they actually COOK the bacon if you dont get it toasted (i got mine toasted so they cooked it on the broiler, but the guy before me got a salad and they fried the bacon on the hotplate before they made it) i hate crudways microwave cooking of the bacon… yuk

  • +3 votes

    Thanks MelbBargainChaser77, very informative post.

    I also think subway is pretty crappy.
    The bread at subway is pretty awful, SO thanks for explaining why its awful.

    Go the alternatives.
    Lets increase the quality in this country.
    Lets also decrease the price!!!

  • +2 votes

    Great deal, just dropped in for lunch with 3 of my colleagues, nice and fresh, definitely good to get away from that Subway "factory made" taste, I'll be going back tomorrow - they have huge signs up on the outside of the shop advertising this sale, so hopefully the deal sticks around for a while, regular price is $6.95 which I don't think is that unreasonable anyway (compared to subway which is around $9.75 or so for a similar chicken sub)

  • +1 vote

    Got dinner again, but they were all out of bread. Had wraps and salad instead. Was still nice.


    Its crazy… I was about to order online a Dominoes "cheaper Monday / Tuesday Pizza" for $4.95….. but the $4 sub is cheaper and the ingredients are just so much better, AND i found out they actually cook and prepare alot of the ingredients onsite mostly from scratch themselves (ie they make the schnitzel, cook the bacon etc)

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