Any predictions about Ipad 4 pricing after 22nd Oct event?

Hi all,

Looking to buy an ipad, but knowing of the 22nd october event, with the expected release of the ipad 5, does anyone have any thoughts about if the pricing will come down? like the 16gb wifi $397 dse/oworks pricing?

as an ozbargainer, i'd hate to buy something today and the price drops on wednesday :P



    I think the last gen generally drops $100 after the new one is announced


    Well, it will likely come down from horrifically overpriced, to just "it's a rip off".

    Mind, apple have been having problems with the maxi ipad. It's just not selling up against the competition, and even it's mini-me sibling. Therefore expect them to do whatever they can to prop up their cash cow. Not only will the respin look more like the mini, they may try for type covers etc.

    They are, unfortunately, not likely to cut their excessive profit margin (60-70%).

    Certainly worth waiting for Tues (Wed) to see what they try to do to reanimate their (profit) line.