Battlefield 4 (NA) -- Can I use this serial key for Aus ORIGIN?

Hey so I came across this awesome deal of Battlefield 4 for only $48.00 USD
But I don't know if I can or cannot use the code to play BF4 in Australia?

Can anyone give me some in-sight into this?
The game is North American so I'm wondering if this is region restricted?


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    I don't have an answer for your question, this is simply an alternative method which I have personally tested - it works.

    Alright. Since I've failed and done this twice I have good experience that I'd like to pass onto anyone who wants to purchase this game plus its prospective expansions for cheap.By using this method, you end up paying $40 AUD and you go through the actual Origin store:

    This method requires us to pretend that we're from Mexico, and we're going to do this via a process called proxy.

    1. Download this. This is a standalone client which will allow us to pretend that we're from Mexico.

    2. Input the free username and password as supplied by the website, vpnu//smsb. *Note that because this is free, multiple users may be using it so you might have to try and input this a few times

    3. Find the server for Mexico and double click it. You're now from Mexico.

    4. Type in - You should now be directed to the Mexican website, so everything will be in Spanish. Use Chrome to translate everything, or your preferred browser to translate it to english

    5. Search for Battlefield 4, or premium, or both. Add them to your cart.

    6. Keep pressing the buttons until you get to the absolute end where you have to type in your Origin ID + Password. So basically, put it in your cart and then press the button to process it.

    7. Turn FlyVPN off. This is absolutely essential. Turn this off before you type in your Origin ID + PW.

    8. You're now back in Australia, type in your Origin ID + PW.

    9. Fill in all the prompts correctly. If it asks for your address, put in your correct address. Don't put in a fake address, no fake anything. If you put in anything that's wrong, or says that you're in Mexico, there's a chance it will just place an authorization hold of $1 on your bank account which won't clear and will be refunded after a period of time.

    10. Fill in your credit card details correctly.

    11. Press purchase. You should instantaneously have the game in-client, and also a confirmation e-mail to your account.

    I hope this guide was comprehensive and helpful.

    • Just tried everything and followed to the letter up until step 10.

      I used paypal and it failed :(

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        Have you got any other means of purchasing the product, like with a debit or credit card?

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          What a boss.
          You freaking rock!

          Thank you so much man T^T
          Saved so much money and hassle buying through Origin like that :')

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      Just thought I'd say thanks for this! Was looking for a cheaper way to buy it. Usually too scared to try this VPN stuff but your clear instructions made it easy. Cheers!

    • darn, was meant to reply here.

      Thanks but didn't work for me :( got the ref#10048 payment error.
      Tried with 2 cards and in the end after disconnecting flyvpn 3 times I have to wait a day til I can use it again

      • When I was doing it for a mate, it happened to me as well. I fixed it by doing the following:

        1. Using a debit card that's Australian (not Amex, not PayPal)
        2. Completely logging out of Origin before logging onto a Mexican server
        3. Ensuring that Origin had not saved any previous record of my credit card details on his account (I had originally typed it in and saved it for auto-fill)
        4. Doing the whole thing I wrote up above, manually typing in my credit card details and correctly putting in my full Australian address

        If even after this it doesn't work, I apologise for the wasted time. It's worked for many people now - I wish you all the best.

    • I would like to say thank you so much. It works perfectly. Worked out to be 75 dollars for bf4 & Premium. Also received confirmation from Origin :) Thank you so much!

    • Can't upvote this as it's too late, but I upvoted the comment that you made linking to this post. Thanks mate, just got bf4+premium via mexico.

    • For anyone having issues with FlyVPN (too busy or erroring out) you can sign up for for US$2 for a 2 day trial. They have a Mexican VPN that I used and it was much simpler than trying to find free spots on FlyVPN.

      Just make sure that you use PayPal to pay for the $2 trial and after you're done go into PayPal and cancel the subscription otherwise they'll bill you another $9.99 after your 2 days is up. Here's how to cancel a subscription in PayPal:

      This added $2 to the cost for me, but since I couldn't get FlyVPN to work this was the cheapest and easiest method.

      • if anyone doesn't want to stuff around with VPNs, I have an unused BF4 code for sale (Christmas present, but he'd already gone and bought a physical copy) for $35 AUD.

  • You are AWESOME!!!
    Simple instructions
    got the whole pack for $74

  • Worked great mate. Thanks for that

  • Thankyou so much… worked for me first time! Saved a good amount - what the game + premium should cost! Now just gotta hope I can find the setting to change language to English ;P Haha jk

  • Just did this to get the Battlefield 4- Digital Download pack, worked first try, thanks @bossmode!

  • flyvpn no free mexico vpn

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    Just wanted to add my thanks. Got BF4 and Premium for $78 down from $140 =)

  • Just in case someone comes across looking for the answer to the original question. Yes, BF4 from the US will work on Australian Origin, nothing special required.

    I ordered a physical copy from Amazon US and it works fine here.

  • is the currency supposed to stay in Mexican Dollars all the way until the end or does it show converted at some point?

  • Thanks so much dude! Worked great! No hassle at all. It's ridiculous that premium costs $60 here…

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