This was posted 8 years 2 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dragon's Crown PS3 US $29.99 @PlayAsia Delivered


Another good price from PlayAsia for one of the games I was keeping an eye for this year. Good old school side scroller beat-em-up from Vanillaware. Game has good reviews and PS3 version offers local co-op as well. This game does not have cross-buy unfortunately.

as per the listing : Stock is expected to arrive on Nov 04, 2013.
Supposedly shipped within a week but based on the Last of Us debacle don't trust this and be prepared to wait a long time.

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    Voting negative because giant breasts /s.

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    Titties: The Game. Nice deal OP. I'm sure it'll probably be $4 or lower come the steam sales in two years. But who can wait that long for voyeuristic beat em' ups?

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      but this is exclusive to PS3 & PSV (for now at least)

      • Well whaddya know. Now I've learnt a thing today. Thankyou.

    • Steam? It's not out on pc, only PS3/Vita

      • As above have mentioned about steam. Better bounce on this deal right now :)

  • This game bores me. It seems to me like its too much of a mish mash of genres. I also find it difficult in big brawls to see where the hell I am and whether I should be blocking etc.

    • Where are you? Look for the boobies!

  • Been waiting for a sale on this. I'll take it.

    It's still more than I would ideally like to pay for it though, which is about $15-20. But it beats paying $50 US.

  • This might be a silly question but at this price, will the game be in English or is it the Japanese version?

  • Thanks beakeroo - and it will work on a PS3 bought in Australia?

  • Thanks again beakeroo. You can tell how often I play my PS3. Trying to find a game where I can get 3 of my mates over and do an all nighter in the TV room. Just like old times :D

  • Ordered, but didn't get any confirmation for the order. Anyone experience the same thing?

    • Check your account.

      • I did. Says "No Orders". But there is a transaction log on my paypal…so should i assume it went through?

  • welp that took freaking ages, they just shipped my order. Wonder if I'll receieve it by xmas.

    Either way I've got no one to play with anyway so it prol doesn't matter…

    • *update, copy finally arrived yesterday. Felt like it took forever to arrive.

      • Lucky you. Mine has yet to arrive, and it was dispatched on the 18th.
        What's your PSN ID? I'll play with you.

        • it says I can't send you PMs

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