Spam from Banggood store

Hi guys, I need some advice. I've never bought anything from Banggood nor registered an account for a freebie. Lately there's been spams from them in my email for paypal that I seldom use for purchases from China.

I did a thorough check on inbox history and paypal history, nope, never registered with them. I visited it's website to attempt a log in and my email does not exists. I don't trust the store and am unwilling to click on the "unsubscribe" link in the spam.

A bit suss about the whole thing as I never receive spam for this email; then again 1% chance it could be my own forgetfulness so not jumping to conclusions.

Anybody encounter this?


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    Purchase anything from the millions of cheap Chinese sellers on eBay? You'll find a lot of them are actually linked to these sites (banggood, tinydeal etc) - I've had a few chinese gadget sites email me as a result of purchases from eBay.


      Yeah bought maybe three times ever from ebay. Thanks for the tip, will be changing my PayPal email to a more common one for future use. The current is my main, not comfy about this, think its unethical, like Austpost signing me up for ads even after ticking the DO NOT send box.

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    Just click the "unsubcribe" link. I purchased stuff from Banggood and got added to their email list. Received emails every few weeks. I decided that I no longer wanted to receive emails so I unsubscribed using the link at the bottom of their email. I haven't received any more email from them…

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