expired Coloured and Novelty Contact Lenses, 6 pairs for $100 delivered


Normally ~$200.

From an e-mail newsletter:

Dear Valued Customer

Offer: First 300 customers in May = 6 Contact Lenses for $100

Where: www.crazycontacts.com.au

Coupon: MEMBER90

How: Select 6 contact lenses. Proceed to checkout and enter the coupon code above into the payments page.

Only while stocks last. We sold out last month, so don't let this offer get away in May.

They also have a 2 pairs for $50 deal if you don't want the full 6.

I've used the VBK-05 CIRCLE Lens, gets a reaction. Sure, it was ten years ago when I was still a teenager, but hey, plenty of teenagers on this site, right?

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    Anyone deal with crazycontacts before?

    Not too keen on the name, but I would like one thought.


      I haven't.

      But their website's been around for at least a year or two (that's when I checked their site out and was added to their incredibly irregular newsletter, I think this is the third one since then). The company is Ausray.com Pty Ltd which has been registered for GST since 2007.


      I've ordered 6 pairs, to try and re-live my teenage years. I'll let you know in 3-5 business days how it went.


    It's actually ILLEGAL to sell contact lenses in Australia without a prescription


      I didn't think it was illegal so long as the contact lenses were plano (have no power adjustments). But I'd still steer clear of these as novelty lenses are generally bad for you eyes. It'd be safer to get coloured lenses form the bigger brands.


      You'll note that's the US FDA.

      This is the brand I got when I was a teenager, and got through an optomitrist at OPSM. I paid $300 for the appointments and a single pair of these things - same brand and model. They're all one size.

      On the other hand, if I go blind, joke's on me!


    ILLEGAL even if PLANO.


      OK. Would you mind providing a link from our government or police enforcement that says so? Using capitals don't really change anything, but I'll happily retract the deal if you can show me it's illegal.

      EDIT Everything I've read so far says it's illegal to sell them in/to people in the US, but not Australia.

      EDIT2 Hey, found something. From the SA Health Department.

      So, you need to get a prescription first, planar or otherwise. And they should be asking for proof of those prescriptions, in SA at least. Doesn't make the sale of them completely illegal - you should consult your optometrist or doctor and get advice on the care of the lenses and how to use them before buying them.

      EDIT3 Another source, the ACCC.

      No mention of illegality there, but strong advice on professional advice and tutelage.


    It seems like a very dodgy website. I have tried to purchase contact lens online, and they always required prescription before dispatching it to me. So it seems this page said it is not required. Hmm..
    It also stated that their website is advertised in the newspaper and magazines. So where is the proof?


    Well, I got the lenses yesterday.

    I agree that the lack of proof of prescription is dodgey.


    A friend of mine got some good branded colour contact lenses at pimpmyeyes.com.au They have ColourVUE brand, which make top quality lenses. She has had no problem with them. Im not sure about the brand at crazycontacts. I dont like the pictures, looks cheap and a bit dodgy.


    They sell Colorvue lenses at CrazyContacts.com.au as well. And they're a lot cheaper.

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