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Free Membership Package Forwarding from USA, 30% off on a Premium Membership


Get your very own USA Address, and have packages shipped anywhere in Australia. Basic Membership is free.

FedEx International Priority® (2-3 days) prices to Australia for Basic Membership

1 lb = $30.28
5 lb = $49.30
10 lb = $90.82

with Cyber Monday coming up in the US. Now is the best time to go with a freight forwarder and save tons on shipping. Enjoy features such as package consolidation, pictures, insurance and more.

No code required for free membership. Coupon Code "OzBargain" to save 30% off on a Premium Membership. ($20.70 value)

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    So, what are the -advantages- of Premium membership?


    7% discount on shipping rates, fragile stickers / pictures / consolidation all cheaper, 1st priority on order placement, and longer storage time (45 days)

    Live chat is also available if anybody else has anymore questions


    I did a comparison between Shipster and Us to Oz at one time. Even with the supposed benefits of premium membership taken into account, US to Oz were considerably cheaper in that instance. They do not charge storage or consolidation fees for a start.


      I also compared prices shipito is cheaper then both you mentioned,
      I wanted projector shipped but shipsterusa live help chat was not very customer. Friendly whoever replied only answered 2 questions and after that despite being asking some questions they didnt bothered answering but chat keep saying person is typing.

      Then I find out on whirlpool about few other forwarding companies like myus and ustooz but shipito is best I'm not related to them.
      Shipito price for 8.1 lbs. is 54$ including insurance TNT
      Shipsterusa quoted 90$
      Ustooz is 83$


        http://www.viaddress.com is another option, I haven't used it yet but might give it a go.



        Here are our prices for 8.1 lbs. Not $90.00 and remember these transit times are for 2-3 days and 5-7 days for the latter, not 2 weeks like USPS.

        Rates and Transit Times
        Shipment Details

        Origin Salem, Ohio, 44460, U.S.A.
        Destination 3000, Australia
        Ship date
        Package Type Your Packaging

        Package Details

        Package Weight Dimensions Declared Value
        (United States Dollars)
        package 1 8.1 lbs 1x1x1in 1.00

        Rates and Transit Times

        Delivery Date/Time Service Type Rate
        (United States Dollars)
        Dec 02, 2013 6:00 PM FedEx International Priority® 85.00
        Dec 04, 2013 6:00 PM FedEx International Economy® 82.46


    Will you please post prices of UstoOZ for a 5 lb package including their fees?

    and are these prices for express FedEx shipping or USPS shipping?

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      isnt it your job to shop around with your own competitors

      we shouldnt have to do your homework for you just to not get ripped off


    according to ustooz.com

    "How long until my goods arrive?"
    This depends entirely upon the method of shipping that you choose. Most of our customers use USPS’s Priority Mail and this method normally takes between 10-15 business days.

    the cheaper prices could have been due to the shipping time being 2 weeks


      When we quote we usually include a variety of shipping options for our customers, for example if the actual weight is less than the dimensional weight (if known) we will use services that charge by actual weight to save our customers :)


    The only reason why I would want this service is to import Candy from the USA and it's too fonkin expensive >_>

    Stupid weight system


    does anyone know why the shipping rates are inflated so much from US to Australia in general?
    compared to most free shipping or discounted shipping from the UK.

    most site are around $35-$40 to ship one snapback!


      Because hats usually need to come in a bigger box you dont want them squashed down… If you order 3 or more it usually works out being more worthwhile.

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    I imported a 5KG's of custom printed M&M's for my wedding, used shipito.
    Cost around $160 to ship but arrived with the IceBricks from M&M warehouse STILL FROZEN!

    EDIT: More expensive than online quote for weight because of size of box


    Do you charge shipping based on volumetric weight, or just weight? E.g. a giant teddy normally costs more to ship than a laptop.

    Most places already give free basic membership.

    The problem with these services is volumetric weight. It's impossible to know how much you're going to be charged before you buy something.


    I thought the point of this sort of service was not to necessarily save on shipping costs but to be able to receive items that were not able to be shipped directly to Australia. Am I missing something?


      It's true that many sites don't offer shipping to Australia, so these mail forwarding services can help you get around that.

      But also, some sites offer low cost or free shipping within the US but charge really high shipping prices for international orders. So mail forwarding services can also be a way of getting the initial shipping free and then you just pay the mail forwarding company to send it on to you.

      I have used shipito a lot and if you get it sent from them via the cheapest shipping (i.e. longest shipping time, good if you don't need the items urgently) it can actually save you a heap.


      but to be able to receive items that were not able to be shipped directly to Australia.

      That's correct. But these mail forwarders also know you've got no other choice if you want it, and will charge you accordingly (i.e. way more expensive shipping charges than you are used to getting from merchants that do ship to Aus).


    Hahahahaha, page suspended! Not a dodgy site at all, beware guys.


      Yep, looks dodgy.



      My name is William, I am one of three owners of ShipsterUSA, LTD. I would have to agree with the both of you extremely dodgy looking :/ Our hosting package had a glitch sometime throughout the night(basically just needs to be turned back on). It should be resolved soon.

      I would like to ask you to just visit our site(when it's back up) and start an online chat with us. Ask for me, William. Ask me about our services, our company anything you would like. Then come back and post your true thoughts on us!

      We've been shipping to the Middle East almost exclusively so far, just this week we are starting to branch out and advertise to Australia. So all I ask for is a fair shake! Come talk to me and see what you think.

      That way you can give your fellow forum members a better idea about us via this thread. I can guarantee you we're not scammers, just normal people who started their own business. However I will leave all other opinions to you guys!



    We had our site switched over to brand spanking new Cloud server today. The www. is acting a little weird at the moment. If anyone would like direct access to the site temporarily you can use the IP address.

    By the end of the day, the domain will propagate to the new and FASTER site. Then you can just use www.shipsterusa.com once again like normal.



    Are you in a state with no sales tax, such as Delaware?

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