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Limited Time Offer: Save 30% on Any Book on Amazon.com


Guys, i was buying some books from amazon.com recently and saw this come up on the bottom right of my screen. Hope it may be useful to someone here. Long time reader, first time bargain submitter here, apologies if its of no interest in advance :-|

Limited Time Offer: Save 30% on any Book on Amazon.com

Take an extra 30% off any book offered by Amazon.com from now until December 1.

Enter code BOOKDEAL.

Here's how. (restrictions apply). — see link:


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    Good deal by Amazon standards as they rarely have promos on books anymore, but it's capped at a mere $10 off.

    That's less than the additional postage they charge per book ($10.94-$11.97 depending on weight), meaning you'll usually find a better deal for the same item somewhere on www.booko.com.au.

    Sorry to be a killjoy :-(


    Used it. Thanks


    Postage at nearly $12 killed it for me.

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    Can any of this work on kindle books?

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    Wow, I just realised I haven't bought a book from Amazon in years (despite buying plenty of other things from them) since I almost never find them the cheapest anymore when it comes to books. I just went through a few books on my wish list, and Amazon wasn't the cheapest for any of them even with this coupon.

    I guess that's the Amazon business model: kill off competitors through a sustained and aggressive price war, and once market dominance in a particular sector is achieved, raise margins and rake in fat profits.

    Always check booko.com.au first! :)

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    Hate to say it but even Big W is beating Booko at the moment. The latest Matthew Reilly hardcover, for example, is $18 at Big W, cheapest on Booko is $25 and Amazon are only doing it in Kindle. It's a good offer for harder to get titles but with a $10 cap, I wouldn't go out of my way (Amazon UK can sometimes be cheaper).

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      Yep, Booko is hardly accurate at all. It actually doesn't show the cheapest prices for Amazon all the time. Example, I just bought Visionaire 57. Booko listed The Book Depository being the cheapest for $101, whilst it showed the Amazon price as $301. I got it off Amazon with free shipping for $79.95.

      If you are spending more money on reference, text or art books or anything that might cost a fair bit, I'd spend more time than just punching it into Booko. On the other hand, for popular novels, I'd look at Big W/K Mart/Target which also seems to do better prices on some occasions.

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        How did you get free shipping?


        Free shipping from Amazon?

        Whilst booko has never shown prices for the hundreds of other vendors who potentially ship items via the "fulfilled by Amazon" defacto service, I've never had issues with its accuracy. Obviously, you need to apply any coupon discounts over and above the listed pricing, but again I've never spotted a single variation on the sites it covers - and it's a pretty exhaustive list.

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    Since when did amazon sell books???


    Thanks OP. Saved $9 US and it prompted me to invest in some books that look really good.


    T&C: The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $10.


    Maximum benefit is $10!!!


    Looked at a few books and a majority of them can be found cheaper at the book depository (with free shipping)!

    Shipping ruins most of the savings from Amazon :-/

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      And the saddest thing about this: Bookdepository is owned by Amazon - just like Abe Books by the way. They are cornering the market!

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    Just saved AUD $11.41 on a C programming book that dropped USD $3.35 since yesterday as well. Been looking at buying it for a while so this was perfect timing.

    Cheers sachz! :)